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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama and Honduras

This morning the President of Honduras was ovethrown in a military coup. the coup came about because the president was trying to overturn the Honduran constitution so that he could be allowed another term. To that end, the president had scheduled a nationwide referendum to get the people to express support for his effort for another term. The referendum had been challenged as illegal and the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the challenger, finding the proposed election illegal. the Honduran congress had voted against holding the referendum and the military had refused to assist in setting up the polling places since all branches of government had ruled the referendum illegal. Nevertheless, the president persisted in his plan to hold the referendum with support from no one other than Hugo Chavez and Castro in Cuba. The OAS had asked last week for the parties to try to resolve this in a peaceful way, but the president did not even hold meetings with the opponents of the referendum (which included the majority of his own party) and went ahead with plans for the election. As a result, this morning, prior to the start of voting, the military overthrew the president. The president was unharmed and sent out of the country. No casualties have been reported in the coup, although it is still early and reports continue to trickle in from Tegucigalpa. Still, the coup seems to have been relatively bloodless. In short, the military in Honduras has stopped the president from acting ini an illegal manner -- it has prevented the president from going forward with an illegal attempt to gain another term despite the restrictions in the Honduran constitution.

Contrast this with recent events in Iran. There, the government acted illegally in rigging an election for president of that country. Protesters were cut off from the outside world and later arrested, beaten or killed. Unlike Honduras, the mullahs in Iran did not act to support the law, but rather to cement their claims to power. This was very different from event in Honduras.

This brings us to the reaction from President Obama to both happenings. In Iran, Obama first announced how pleased the USA was with the vigorous democracy shown by the Iranian election (even though an idiot could have told him that the elction would be rigged). Next Obama said little or nothing to support freedom, democracy or the rule of law until ten days into the protests in Iran when many had already been killed in the fighting. Finally, once it seemed clear that the mullahs had gained the upper hand, Obama denounced their actions. On the other hand, with little clarity on the exact situation in Honduras, obama announced the US gravely concerned with the events in Tegucigalpa. Indeed, the three biggest sources of criticism of the coup coming from outside Honduras have been Hugo Chavez, Cuba and Obama. That should tell us something. and the something it tells us is not good about the way Obama conducts US foreign policy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Has it really come to this?

The health care plan in its latest draft (which of course is not fully "released" to the public) has a provision in it which requires medical providers to be all in the system. In other words, there is a provision that requires a doctor or other provider to accept the payment in the amount set by the government for ALL services to ALL patients, so long as that provider accepts any patients covered by the system. Since there will be very few doctors who will have a practice that can be supported by those who choose not to participate in the government plan, this means that the government will now set all prices in the field of medicine. that further means that the government will determine which treatments are allowable and which are not (by refusing to pay for those which are not "approved").

This is the death of the american health care system insofar as it supports good care for anyone. the result will not be that those with poor medical care have their treatments improved much; rather, the result will be that those who now have good care will see the quality of care decline so that everyone gets the same poor care. It is much like the shoddy consumer goods made in the old Soviet Union. No one did better than anyone else (except for the party bosses -- here congress and those in the executive branch); everyone had to buy the same garbage.

another amazing provision in the latest bill is that there will be taxation for health care benefits but with an exception for all union members. I doubt that such a provision is even constitutional, but the very fact that the Obamacrats think that they can pass such a biased plan still amazes me. Are the American people brain dead? Are we only interested in the cause of death of Michael Jackson? anyoone looking at the news tonight would think so. Nothing since Obama took office has received coverage akin to Jackson's death. Even Al Sharpton is out there trying to hornin on the publicity. (And we all know that Al is really big in Pop music).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cap and trade? How about cap growth?

The so-called environmental bill to be voted on in the House this week is known by many as cap and trade. The truth is that it really is an enormous tax bill which will fall squarely on the shoulders of the 95% of the people who Obama promised would not be taxed. How many times during the campaign did we hear about tax reductions for the middle class? How often did Obama promise no tax increases for the 95% or anyone making less than $250,000? These promises were a mantra repeated by Obama at nearly every campaign stop. Now we see that they were just lies.

The cap and trade bill will increase the cost of all energy used in the USA. Particularly hard hit will be home electric utility bills and the cost of gasoline. So, we have now covered essentially every person in the US. An substantial increase in energy prices to pay for the cost of cap and trade will have dire consequences for every family that right now is finding it hard to get by in the current economy. In truth, the anti-stimulus impact of cap and trade will far outweigh any positive impact felt from last February's stimulus package. Can it really be that Congress will first pass the stimulus to keep unemployment under 8% (the promise made by Obama) only to see unemployment go close to 10%, and then follow this with a cap and trade bill that will add 2 or 3% to the unemployment rate just by itself? How many people have to lose their jobs in energy intensive industries made uncompetative by the cap and trade taxes? How many families will be forced from their homes when they can no longer meet the payments when the extra energy costs are added into the equation?

Cap and trade is an abomination. In the current economic environment, the last thing that the government ought do is to take actions that will dampen down economic growth. Yet, that is what the Obamacrats are doing.

Still, one wonders why this is happening. We are supposedly stopping global warming. But, the biggest source of greenhouse gases moving forward is China, followed by India, and these countries are not taking any steps to reduce emission. Indeed, keeping the US working in the industries which will be destroyed by cap and trade would leave relatively clean, low-emission plants in operation rather than dirty, high-emission plants in China and India. Cap and trade makes the problem of greenhouse gases worse. Beyond this, there is nothing certain that there is man-made global warming. Sure, a case can be made for warming, but there is nothing to prove that it is man-made. Propaganda from Al Gore does not answer the need for proof.

It would make a great deal of sense for Congress to establish a scientific commission to determine the actual facts regarding the causes of global warming. The commission could even be given a six month time frame in which to complete its work. At least then, we would have a basis for action. Otherwise, we are just giving in to the true believers who view global warming as their religion. It is, however, a religion that is trying to bring back human sacrifice -- America's middle and working classes are to suffer to fight this battle which may or may not be real.

Mr. Obama, why not demonstrate some actual leadership here and stop this disasterous bill. By 2112, it may be too late to save whole industries in the US.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama really did not get it.

An open letter from the leader of the Iranian protests to President Obama is important reading for all who thought that Obama's attempts at low profile, even handed (and morally relative) efforts went unnoticed by the Iranians. In truth, the US has always been a beacon of liberty and democracy and Obama has nearly extinguished the light.

From the Office of Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi
To the President of the USA, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

In the name of the Iranian people, we want you to know that when you recently made the statement "Achmadinejad or Mousavi? Two of a kind," we consider this as a grave and deep insult, not just to Mr. Mousavi but especially against the judgment of the Iranian people, against our moral conviction and intelligence, especially those of the young generation that comprises a population of 31 million.

It is a specially grave insult for those who are now fighting for democracy and freedom, and an unwarranted gift and even praise for Mr. Khamenei, whose security forces are now killing peaceful Iranians in the streets of every major city in the country.

Your statement misled the people of the world. It was no doubt inspired by your hope for dialogue with this regime, but you cannot possibly believe in promises from a regime that lies to its own people and then kills them when they demand the promises be kept.

By such statements, your administration and you discourage the Iranian people, who believe and trust in the values of democracy and freedom. We are pleased to see that you have condemned the regime's murderous violence, and we look forward to stronger support for the rightful struggle of the Iranian people against the actions of a regime that is your enemy as well as ours.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another genius move by Washington

In a new addition to the "They just don't get it file", the Obamacrats have come forward with their so-called cash for clunkers program that they tout as likely to add 500,000 car sales this year. The program allows someone who has owned a car for at least one year to sell that car for up to $4500 in a voucher that can only be used for immediate purchase of a new car. There are various mileage restrictions, but the main point is this: the program will only benefit those who have very old cars and who are able to buy a new car with the assistance of the $4500 payment from the federal government for the old car.

Surely, this will help someone out there, but the numbers will be very small. most people who still have an old car worth less than $4500 in a trade cannot afford the cost of a new car. More precisely, few of these folks can qualify under the new strict guidelines (also required by the Obamacrats) that restrict the availability of car financing. So, with great fanfare, the Obamacrats pass a program to increase car sales, but they tailor it in such a way that no one will be helped. Gee, I surely want to see what they will do when they run healthcare. My guess is that only illegal aliens will be able to see doctors once the Dems are done.

Obama's shame

Well today there is fighting in the streets of Teheran -- or more precisely, those who are protesting are being beaten and arrested by heavily armed police. So, no freedom of assembly, no freedom of speech and total repression by the apparatus of the police state. And where, in all of this, is his high and mightiness, Barack Hussein Obama? The truth is that he could not care less. Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame!!!!!

For nearly all of the last hundred years, american foreign policy has had one unifying theme: support for democracy and individual freedoms around the world. We fought two world wars and the cold war to make the world safe for democracy. We supported liberty in countless places and in countless ways. We were, to use Reagan's favorite phrase, a shining city on a hill for the people of the world. Those who aspired to freedom and democracy knew that they could count on our support. The Obamanation has just thrown that away. All he can bring himself to say is that Iran will be judged by how it reacts to these protests. some stirring endorsement! Even congress has passed resolutions supporting the cause of freedom and democracy in Iran. Somehow, our president just cannot find the words to do so.

For much of his presidency,Obama has apologized for the actions of the USA. It seemed as if he believed the mantra of the crazy left that the US is the cause of most of the evils in the world. It seems much more likely now that this is truly Obama's view. He will no longer support freedom and liberty -- those are -- to him-- outdated and evil concepts.

We can only hope that Obama wakes up. Unfortunately for the US, he will be president for another 3 and a half years. Who knows how much damage he will be able to do during that time?

Friday, June 19, 2009

End friendships and gain nothing

Ths morning's Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli public now views the Obama administration as pro-palestinian by a 51% to 6% margin. Six weeks ago, before the Obama speech in Cairo and his calls for settlement freezes, among other thing, the view of the Israeli public on the same question was nearly split with a slight majority viewing Obama as pro-Israeli. It is hard to imagine that Obama could manage in just a month to alienate the closest ally of the USA in the Middle East, but he has done it. And what has Obama gained? He has managed to have the Iranians thumb their collective noses at the USA by rigging the election and them blaming the USA for meddling in their internal affairs -- even as Obama has done everything but endorse the theft of the election by the regime. The Palestinians have, not surprisingly, rejected the Israeli call to resume negotiations and they have instead called upon Obama to force the Israelis into concessions before any negotiations can resume. After all, the Palestinians also know that Obama is pro-Palestinian, so they want him to produce concessions from Israel without any cost to them.

In short, Obama has screwed up the US position in the middle east by alienating our friends and getting nothing in return from anyone. This is certainly change, but rather than believing in it, I find it hard to believe that Obama could actually have done it. Maybe the slogan for the next election should be "Change you can hardly believe (or how could he be that dumb?)"

Thursday, June 18, 2009


It is now many days since the protests began in Iran. We hear fragmented stories of the regime arresting opposition leaders and shooting at demonstrators. Still, the protests have not stopped. Nevertheless, in all this time, President Obama has yet to say anything in clear support of those who are protesting. In other words, the so-called leader of the free world has nothing to say about Iranians who want basic freedom including the right to assembly and the right to fair elections. Shame on him! In my lifetime, I have never been so ashamed of our president as I am today on this point. Okay, so he does not want to get the USA involved. But still, we should at least announce that we support the aims of all of those who seek liberty. We should stand with the protestors in word if not in deed. Obama -- wake up!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

health care "reform"

The latest word on the health care reform to be pushed by the Obamacrats is that it will leave about 38 million uninsured in the country. This compares to the 44 million who are currently uninsured. Yet, it will upend the entire healthcare system and cost over a trillion dollars over ten years. If we were to give each of 8 million uninsured people $200 per person per month in health stamps (which could only be used to purchase health insurance), the total cost would be less than one-quarter of the total cost of the proposed package.

Most people could get some sort of health insurance for $200 per month. Even if it were to cost $400 per person per month for insurance, the total cost would still be less than half of the Obama plan. In other words, the plan is nuts. It needs to be stopped.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ask , don't tell

According to the New York Times (article linked to title of post), the obama administration has adopted a policy of approaching and confronting North Korean vessels in order to ask permission to board them and search for cargo prohibited by the UN sanctions resolution. The Times goes on to say that force will not be used to board the vessels and they will be allowed to go on their way if permission to board is denied. The plan is for the US to follow any vessel denying permission to board and then to ask the country where the vessel goes into port to make an inspection there. In other words, Obama has now gotten rid of "don't ask, don't tell" and gone to "ask, don't tell". This has to be one of the stupidest policies adopted by the new administration, and that, indeed, is saying something.

The contraband cargoes are, for the most part, weapons. If the NK's sell nuclear technology to the Iranians, will the mullahs really inspect the cargo when it gets to port in Iran? Absolutely! And then they will issue a report stating that there was no contraband aboard. After all, if the mullahs could announce final election returns before counting the votes, it is not a big stretch to announce inspection results without actually looking at what is aboard. Indeed, no country buying weapons from the NK's will "find" those weapons in a search once the vessel is in port.

This all means that for a policy that has no hope of success, Obama is putting US sailors in harms way. the Times reports that Japan has not decided whether or not to participate in this naval action since it would possibly incur casualties were the NK's to open fire (and they are crazy enough to do so. It will be US ships that will carry out this farce. If there are casualties among US forces while carrying out this policy (and I sincerely hope and pray that there are none), will we hear the idiots on MSNBC start announcing "Obama dithered and people withered"?

Monday, June 15, 2009

North Korea and Iran

Today's news makes clear why the Obama administration is so focused on the Israeli settlements -- it has no idea what to do with North Korea or Iran. The farce of an election in Iran has made clear that the Obama "policy" of open dialogue with Iran has failed. Indeed, the Iranians got Obama to look like an idiot with his self pronounced excitement at the open and honest election that was held by Iran. Long lines of voters with purple fingers does not equate to democracy when the Mullahs simply pick the winner and make up the number of votes to fit their desires. Obama right now is too embarrassed to do anything. That's the way the mullahs like it. Regarding North Korea, the Obamacrats have done nothing. Oh sure there has been a UN resolution. Those gems of diplomatic doublespeak usually have immediate consequences if one counts North Korea's totally ignoring them as a consequence. Otherwise, they do nothing. Just like the administration. NOTHING!!! Is it so hard for the Obamacrats to come up with even one area where they could show displeasure with the NK's or the Iranians? Indeed, even on the issue of the Israeli settlements where Obama made such a big deal out of pushing Netanyahu to freeze growth, Obama has lost. Bibi made the perfect speech that boxes in Obama by agreeing to what he demanded in part without agreeing in any meaningful way to the nonsense that Obama was also pushing. the administration even called the speech encouraging and a step forward. Of course, the settlements are not frozen and nothing has changed.

Once again, the man who thinks that appearances transcend reality has taken US foreign policy into his fantasy land run by PR people and governed with talking points. Unfortunately fot the US, however, our enemies do not follow Obama's nonsense rules.

Dodd on Fox News Sunday

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Dodd expressed outrage that anyone would complain about the various boards that his wife sits on. According to Dodd, no one would complain if a female Senator had her husband sitting on the same boards. Nice try Chris! The truth is that this is not a sexist attack on Dodd's wife. Rather, it is a complaint that the Dodds are cashing in on his position by having her wife sit on the boards of companies that want something from Dodd. Well Dodd says that he never discusses with his wife what those companies want -- sure, he talks to the lobbyists and it is mere coincidence that his wife gets thousands of dollars each year for sitting on those boards.

Look, the real test is to look at how many boards Mrs. Dodd sat on before she married the senator. How does the number ZERO sound (and -to be fair- I am not allowing those where she got the position when it was clear that she and Dodd were to be married). These positions are political payoffs to Dodd and no amount of supposed outrage over the sexism of it all changes that fact. Dodd needs to go -- and NOW!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran and Obama

Well, now we know for sure that the Iranian election was a sham -- the Iranian regime has cut off cell phones, texting and internet service. They have also stopped the BBC and others from broadcasting in Iran by jamming the signals from the satellites. All of this is, of course, in violation of international communications treaties. The results announced by the regime were clearly phony (one candidate got less than 1%, the candidate in second place lost his hometown in a landslide, etc.) The Iranians are rioting in the streets given their outrage over the fake election.

So, how did President Obama look at the election? He proclaimed it a great achievement for Iran. He rejoiced at this exercise of democracy. In other words, he looked like a fool (not hard when you and your advisors are fools). Indeed, Obama probably did more damage with his rapid and stupid congratulations to Iran than his release of the so-called torture pictures could have done. After all, the USA has spent nearly a decade extolling the virtues of democracy in the middle east, and it has fought a war in Iraq, in part to install democracy there. Now the leader of the USA has announced that this sham in Iran is the very democracy that the USA has been pushing. What is the average person in the middle east to take away from this? Not hard to figure out -- democracy is no different from the dictatorships that are the normal governments in the area. The only difference is that in democracy the government goes through the motion of having an election before it announces the results that it wants no matter how the votes were cast.

Maybe someone in the press corps will ask Obama whether he decided to stick his foot in his mouth without prior conditions.

Look, this was not difficult to see coming -- Obama should have known and his advisors certainly should have warned him. Unfortunately, Obama's advisors are more interested in ideology than fact. Left wing anti-Americanism does not serve the interests of the USA or the world well, however. One thing is certain, for all the derision that the press used in discussing George Bush, he would not have made this mistake.

Friday, June 12, 2009

the election in Iran

Today we are hearing the conflicting results in the electon for president in Iran. It is important to remember that no candidate could run in this election without the express approval of the mullahs. In other words, this is not democracy. Instead, it is a selection between two equally odious choices which were made by the theocratic rulers of the Islamic Republic. Policy will not be affected except in minor ways by the outcome.

I was shocked to hear Obama say how pleased the US is with the election. Huh? This man just does not understand. In the Soviet Union, there used to be elections where Stalin was re-elected with 99.99% of the vote. No doubt, Obama wouldhave been pleased with those elections as well. After all, Obama is all about appearances rather than substance. He now wants pay-go which will supposedly prevent budget deficits--this will look good so long as one ignores that 2 trillion of extra budget busting spending that he has already pushed through. the American people are supposed to forget what he did and just look at the appearances. He announces the closing of Gitmo for show, only then to backtrack on all of his supposed core beliefs regarding the war on terror. Oh wait, we can no longer call it a war, that does not look good.

Obama got elected on appearances rather than substance, so it is not surprising that he continues to rely primarily on how things look rather than on the true facts. Sadly, however, for him, the American people will surely wake up and realize that a fantasy will not make things better. Let's hope this happens soon enough to stop Obama before he destroys this country.

Shame as atavism

This morning, Matt Lauer interviewed Sarah Palin on the Today Show and, of course, spent a great deal of time asking about David Letterman and his "joke" attacks on the Palin family. In that interview, Palin rejected Letterman's lame excuse that his cracks about the Palin's 14 year old daughter being raped were actually ok because he was talking about their 18 year old daughter instead. Indeed, Sarah Palin quite properly took Letterman to task for his offensive and unfunny remarks attacking her child.

Now, Yahoo news has headlined a story about the interview which it calls akward for the governor. According to yahoo, Palin, in essence, could not take a joke. What BS. I have two daughters, and I would not stand by while someone, even a famous person like Letterman, made a joke about one of them being raped. Imagine the outcry if the same joke were made about Obama's daughters! Or how about a joke in which Michelle Obama gets knocked up or is called slutty! It would be totally inappropriate. Just like it was inappropriate for the press to cover Chelsea Clinton in her teen years. Nevertheless, somehow the liberal press thinks that it is funny for a jerk like Letterman to make cracks about Willow being raped. To them shame is just a throwback to an earlier age. Today, anything goes -- nothing is wrong (unless it affects a Democrat).

Perhaps people should let CBS know that they will no longer watch Letterman unless and until he truly apologizes. Indeed, it would be perfectly proper for people to inform CBS that they will monitor who advetises on the Letterman show and then boycott the products of those advertisers. CBS would get the message very quickly if it started to lose revenues.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where's the stimulus?

With the latest unemployment figures, it is very clear that the Obama stimulus bill has not worked. Obama's economic team promised that the stimulus bill would keep unemployment under 8% -- we just hit 9.4% even though the stimulus was passed. These folks and their leader also told us their projections for unemployment with and without the stimulus bill. That was how they came up with their method for jobs created and saved, a ridiculous claim that could never be proven. It can, however, be disproven. A site called Innocent Bystanders has been tracking the actual unemployment against the levels predicted by Obama and his team with and without the stimulus. The chart they produced is linked to the title of this entry. The chart shows that without a doubt, the stimulus has failed. Indeed, using the same distorted logic of the Obama economic team, we can now see that the stimulus bill has destroyed about 2 million jobs. Obviously, there is no way accurately to say that the stimulus destroyed these jobs, but , of course, there was no way accurately to say that the stimulus saved any jobs either.

The truth is that the so-called stimulus only stimulated debt and pet projects of the obamacrats. The rest is just a mountain of red ink.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Today's unemployment numbers

I think that the media has lost its collective mind. This morning it was announced that the economy lost another 350,000 jobs and the unemployment rate jumped to 9.4% last month. This is touted as good news. CBS did everything but play "Happy Days are Here Again" in the background when it reported these figures.

Let's be honest about these figures -- they are terrible and very bad news. True, things are not getting worse at the same rapid rate that has prevailed since the start of the year. Still, all that has happened is that the initial rush of layoffs that ripped through the economy in January through April has slowed. The jobs lost were those that could most easily be shed. Now we are getting to jobs that are harder to take out of the economy. In other words, more people getting fired are in companies that are failing or doing extremely poorly rather than in companies that are downsizing to try to preserve their profits. This does not seem like cause for celebration to me.

The downsizing job losses have peaked since most of those who were in peril due to this trend have already been fired. The problem is that on a net basis these same people are not being hired elsewhere.

In many respects the media portraying this as good news is like a doctor dealing with an epidemic who tells the population that they need not worry since nearly all of those at risk for a pandemic have already died. In other words, the doctor failed to save his patients, but the disease is running out of potential victims. Not good news in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I am sure that we will continue to hear how this is good news due to the Obama stimulus (which, of course, has not really started -- given the governments inability to do anything quickly). I hope that the American people can see the reality despite the news media. After all, these are the same reporters who spent many months decrying the Bush administration during the last recession in 2001 because the number of jobs was not going UP fast enough. In that recession slow job growth was a catastrophe, but in the Obama recession a slowing of the avalanche of job losses is great news. What fools these reporters be!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello ...Cairo update

I have now heard the reports on both CBS and ABC radio about Obama's Cairo speech. The breathless prose used by the reporters was exactly what I expected. According to the reporters, the speech was like the Sermon on the Mount -- only a bit better.

Hello ............. Cairo

with today's Speech, President Obama has put forth his latest effort to remake US relations with the Muslim world. Once again, Obama's weapon of choice is the spoken word. While this has been very effective in the USA since there is a subservient media that follows his lead in discussing essentially every issue, this will not be the case in the Middle East. One can only imagine the commentary that goes along with Obama's speech. Indeed, who knows how his words will be translated for a population that does not, in general, speak English. Will someone on Al Jazeera disclose that he got a tingle in his leg when Obam spoke? Not likely! Will there be stories in the media about how stylish Michelle is? Again, not likely unless she starts wearing a Dior Burkha. The truth is that most people in the Muslim world have had years of hearing lies spout from their radios and tvs. Many of those lies were about how evil the Americans were. After all, how many civilian casualties were staged by the Taliban in Afghanistan for the express purpose of claiming that the American troops were murders? How many times have these people been told that the US troops in Iraq were killing women and children? In short, I doubt that the speech will have much impact. I do, however, give Obama credit for trying.

Just remember this -- if George Bush gave the same speech two years ago (except the part where Obama goes on about his Muslim heritage), the talking heads on US tv would have mocked him as an idiot for ever thinking that a mere speech could make a difference. It will be fun to listen to the endless praise of Obama's speech that surely will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Iran's right to nuclear power

Today's Drudge Report headlines an article discussing President Obama stating his view that Iran has the right to nuclear power. This is not just lunacy, rather, it is lunacy run amok. Clearly, the President is paving the way for a face-saving compromise in which the USA agrees that Iran can have nuclear power generators so long as they state that they will not be used to develop nuclear weapons. that would be much like the compromise that clinton worked out with the North Koreans to keep them from getting nuclear weapons -- and we all know how well that one worked out.

In just a few short months, Obama has put maximum pressure on the Israelis and given up all pressure on the Iranians and the Palestinian related terrorists. truly amazing. Will the country remember this when we get hit with an attack by these same terrorists. Will the country remember what Obama has done if Iran suddenly tests a nuclear device (despite its promises to the contrary) and announces that it has ten others? what if the Iranians announce that they have hidden five bombs in the US which can be detonated by remote control? At that point, Obama will tell us how it is all our fault -- most particularly Bush's fault, but it will be too late.

I know that there has been an uproar over Rush Limbaugh saying that he wanted Obama's program to fail -- but does Obama have to fail so spectacularly? the lives of millions hang in the balance.