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Sunday, September 27, 2009

William Safire

The passing of William Safire reminds us all how insignificant the New York Times has become. Safire was a giant of a columnist. He was a conservative at a liberal newspaper. He was a reasonable man in the world of journalism where reason now has taken a back seat to partisanship. He was someone who loved the English language and who could turn a phrase with the best speechwriters of his day. Safire will be missed, and his accomplishments should be recognized. One last thing of importance here, hwever, is not personal to Safire. Rather, it is that he was just one of many Times columnists who carried on an intelligent commentary on the issues of the day.

Today, the Times no longer has intelligent columnists. Rather it has people like Maureen Dowd whose goal seems to be finding new ways to insult people. MoDo is no deep thinker; her columns could as easily appear in People magazine. Then there is Frank Rich. Perhaps the best way to describe Rich is to point out that for years he was a theater critic. He views almost every issue by determining how it fits within his storyline, his worldview. To Rich, national issues are theater, not items which actually affect the lives of millions. David Brooks is now the Times token conservative (although nearly every conservative in America would contest that description). In truth, Brooks is the Times warped view of what a conservative should be. Actually, Brooks is just not as far left as his fellow columnists. And these are the better columnists at the Times. The others do not even merit a mention here.

The strange truth is that the columnists at the New York Post are now more interesting, more imaginative and more informed than those at the Times. for someone who lived through an era when the Post almost failed (repeatedly) and the Times was the last word on most issues, it amazes me still to see how badly the current management has tarnished the Times quality and reputation. This icon of journalism should adopt a new and more accurate motto: "All the news that fits the prejudices of the current editor". My guess is that unless something drastic happens, the Times will not be around to see another editor. In a startling turnaround, the Times will fail and the Post will endure.

It is sad that

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Iranian nukes

After the first rush of news reports about the Qom enrichment facility, we are now getting more accurate ones that seem to agree that the USA has only known about the facility for months, not years. While this lets the Bush administration off the hook for inaction, it does point out the limits of intelligence activities. The CIA missed the North Korean built nuclear weapons plant in Syria until the Israelis destroyed it last year. The CIA also missed this Qom facility for years as well.

Now that the facility has been found, we have to consider what the USA, UK and France are likely to do. Not much is the likely answer. There are times when military action is called for. Not immediately, but after lesser options have been exhausted. The problem is that Obama is unlikely to ever do anything more than talk. Oh, he may agree to sanctions without bite (can't upset the Russians or the Chinese).

The truth is that there is no good answer. We now have a problem which has only bad answers. My guess is that Obama will choose not to answer. After all, he is stalling on the Afghan troop levels even after he campaigned on the need for victory in this "war of necessity". If he cannot even follow through on his stated campaign promises, how can we expect him to make a decision on Iran that might lead to conflict. The man has no courage of his convictions. Actually, it may be more correct to say that when it comes to the defense of the USA, the man has no convictions other than that the USA is at fault no matter what problem we are discussing.

Hopefully, the Israelis will be able to act to destroy the Iranian nuke plants. It does seem strange that the USA is dependent on a little country like Israel to protect clear American national interests. Indeed, it would be much more effective for the US to lead the effort (like in the Gulf War) than for Israel to determine what will be done and when.

We should all pray for Israeli success.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Iran's second nuke facility

The disclosure of Iran's second nuclear facility seems to put the lie to much of what has been said on the world stage in the last year. According to news reports, the USA, UK and France say that they have been aware of the second nuke facility for years. Further, this second facility is of a type that could only be used for nuclear weapons, not peaceful nuclear power. So that means that for years, the Western powers have known that Iran was moving towards nuclear weapons but they have not made this public or taken any concrete actions to stop the mullahs. Only now that Iran has become aware that their secret was known has anything been said about this facility.

I realize that there is a need to protect intelligence gathering capabilities. This may lead at times to keeping secret the findings from that intelligence. Still, nothing excuses the lame attempts by the US, UK and France (if you even want to call them attempts) to stop the Iranian nuclear program. Indeed, it is hard to fathom why nothing meaningful has been done to keep the madmen in Teheran from getting nukes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Unibama

Today President Obama unvelied his new persona for the United Nations. I think it should be called the Unibama. Actually, Obama was so nutty today in his comments that I think that the Unibomber would be offended to have this new personality named after him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moving closer to our Allies

During the Bush Administration, the Democrats consistently criticized that administration for not working more closely with our allies. Democrats claimed that they would certainly act in a more multilateral way than a cowboy like Bush.

Today we have been treated to headlines in the Financial Times and other European papers in which lack of progress in combatting global warming is blamed upon a widening rift between the USA and the EU. since our principal allies are almost all part of the EU, we should be acting very closely in concert with them if the Obamacrats actually were able to conceive of a multilateral foreign policy. According to the europeans, however, the Obama Administration does not even seem to have the time to pay attention to matters of foreign policy.

Previously we learned that only 4% of the people in Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, now consider Obama to be a friend of Israel. So, in merely 8 months, Obama has managed to estrange the population of our only close friend in that region.

The recent Japanese elections bounced out the government that advocated close ties with the USA for one that wants Japan to keep its distance from the USA. Again, the conduct of the Obama Administration towards Japan was a big issue in that election. It seems that Japan does not matter to the Obamacrats either.

In Latin America, the US has been supporting the ousted former president of Honduras, even though he was removed from office by that country's Supreme Court and Legislature for a clear violation of that country's Constitution. All of our allies in the area are dismayed by this position with only Chavez and Castro acting in full support. Here too, Obama has alienated our allies and reached out to our enemies.

At least there is one area where Obama has not alienated US allies. So far, no one in Antarctica has complained about treatment from Washington. Of course, there are no countries on that continent, but it is nice to know that there is one area to which Obama can point to success in not alienating allies.

It is going to be a long four years.

Obama's greenhouse emissions

Today at the United Nations, that paragon of honesty Barack Obama announced to the world that the United States had done more to reduce greenhouse gases inthe last nine months than in the rest of history combined. the man is the President of the United States, but the only reasonable response is still the one from Congressman Wilson: "You lie!" Since the begining of the Obama administration, no new laws have passed regarding greenhouse gases. Indeed, the cap and trade bill is fading into the background in the Senate with harry Reid himself saying that action this year is unlikely. There have been no new regulatory initiatives either, so nothing the government has done has targeted greenhouse gases.

It is true that because of the collapse of the US economy which obama's stimulus package was supposed to prevent, there has been a diminution of industrial activity which probably reduced greenhouse gas emissions. If this is the reason for Obama's statements, then it still was untrue. During the great depression in the 1930's, industrial production fell by many times the reduction of the last year. Thus, the 1930's would have seen a greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The simple point here is that Obama comes to New York and announces a big success for his administration in reducing carbon emissions despite the fact that his administration has done nothing at all to even try to reduce those emissions. Once again Obama lies.

For a while there was a reasonable feeling in the USA that it was inappropriate to state outright that the president was lying. Obama, however, keeps right on lying and lying. As a result, nearly everyone in the country now recognizes that Obama either cannot perceive reality or else is intentionally lying. In either case, it is going to be a long four years.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama and Jobs

In an interview on CNN, President Obama said "I want to be clear, that probably the jobs picture is not going to improve considerably -- and it could even get a little bit worse -- over the next couple of months." My comment has to be : There you go again!

So far during the Obama presidency there has never been any month that had a net gain in the number of jobs. The true unemployment rate, which considers those who have given up looking for work as well as those who are out of work and still looking, is well in excess of 15%. Even the more limited unemployment rate which only considers those still looking for work is now closing in on 10%. Every month, the employment figures get worse and worse. And Obama says that it could get a little worse.

Does Obama think that we have all forgotten his promise when the stimulus bill was rushed through? It was an emergency to get that bill through Congress in a week because if there was any delay, unemployment would get over 8%. Obama promised, however, that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. Boy was he wrong!

Of course, Obama will blame everything on Bush and point out that he inherited his problems. While the recession certainly started during Bush's term, it was Obama who promised that the stimulus would limit unemployment to 8%. So Congress agreed to spend nearly a trillion dollars to limit the recession which is now much, much worse than Obama promised it would be. No sane person could contradict that either Obama lied about unemployment and the stimulus or he did not understand the true nature of the stimulus bill. One has to wonder how a bill that gave about 8 billion dollars to ACORN could possibly keep unemployment down. Was that money supposed to be used for pimps and hookers?

So, if Obama either lied or was totally wrong with regard to the stimulus, why would anyone believe him with regard to health care? Wouldn't it be prudent to conclude that he is either lying there or else, once again, does not truly understand what he is talking about.


In a new report leaked to the press, the UN Health organization opines that the poorest countries in the world will be hard hit by the H1N1 flu unless the richer countries come up with billions of dollars to pay for vaccines for those poor countries. I know it will shock some, but the UN has missed the mark with this report. The biggest problem with the availability of flu vaccine is not the cost but rather the supply. Even with all out production, there will not be enough vaccine to cover all of the high risk populations in the USA, let alone in the rest of the world. Similar situations exist in Western Europe, Japan and the other developed countries. It is not likely that the developed world will leave their own citizens at risk in order to ship large quantities of vaccine to other sections of the world. Indeed, both the UK and the USA have pledged to sell 10% of their supplies to other countries; this is about as high as anyone could expect. After all, if H1N1 proves to be a major killer, Gordon Brown and Obama would not want to have to explain why they sent the one preventative abroad and denied it to the citizens of teh UK and USA.

So far, contrary to screaming headlines in the media, the H1N1 flu has not proven to be a much different threat than all of the other forms of flu out there. While the populations hit by H1N1 have generally been younger than other flu strains, mortality rates have not exceeded usual flu norms. Indeed, H1n1 has been a bit less dangerous than "normal" flu. this is not a reason to let down our guard against this disease, but certainly there is no reason for panic either. Let's hope that nothing changes here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

settlements unsettled

The news today is that Obama's Middle East Czar George Mitchell has been unable to reach a settlement settlement. In other words, there is no deal between the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority with regard to Israeli settlements.

What a surprise! Obama publicly calls for the Israelis to freeze all settlements and then expects that his envoy (excuse me czar) will be able to reach a deal on them. why would the arabs ever agree to anything less than what Obama called for: a complete freeze on Israeli settlements. Indeed, since we now know that according to people like Jimmy Carter and Nancy Pelosi, Obama is the victim of constant racist attacks, it makes perfect sense for this paragon of equality to come out in favor of Jewish free zones in territory controlled by Israel. Carter supports this strongly; yet, he accuses the Israelis of apartheid. Any casual observer would understand that the settlement freeze is apartheid. So Carter endorses Obama's call for segregation in the Middle East while criticizing the Israelis for segregation that they do not carry out. After all, if the Obamacrats can claim racism here at home against people who do no more than point out the obvious idiocy of many of Obama's policies, it makes sense that they would promote segregation in the Middle East while calling those who do not segregate segregationists.

Once again, the common thread for the Obamacrats and their fearful leader -- they lie, and constantly!

yard sales need regulation

The drudge report contains a link to the news that the Obama administration has now issued proposed regulations which would govern the sale of used items. Sellers would be required to check to see if the items might be harmful or if they have been the subject of a recall. Failure to do so would subject the seller to a fine of $100,000 per item up to a maximum of 15 million dollars.

It sounds to me like the profit in yard sales just disappeared. After all, who would risk 15 million in fines just to empty the garage of old junk?

On the horizon, the Obamacrats next move apparently is the issuance of regulations on the amount of toilet paper which can be used for each wipe (and, I suppose, the proper number of wipes). Those who undermine the ecology through the use of excessive wiping will be wiped out by federal fines. There will be a new federal agency which will patrol bathrooms around the country to enforce the regulations. The buzz right now is that Barney Frank is Obama's choice to head this new agency.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A true disgrace

Today's news that Obama is scrapping plans for a small missile defense system for Poland and the Czech Republic is a true black mark for the United States. Not only has Obama abandoned these two allies in the face of Russian pressure, but he managed to do so on the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland at the start of World War II. So first we have to give the Obamacrats kudos for picking the single worst day in the year to make the announcement. 70 years ago, the world watched as the Russians took over half of Poland in collaboration with Nazi Germany. Now, we are abandoning them in the face of Russian pressure.

Second, this decision is one which has no grounding in reality. The missile defense system was planned to defend Europe against a few missiles coming from a rogue state like Iran or North Korea. It would have no meaningful impact on any attack by Russia. Putin just did not like the defense system since he still wants to have hegemony over the former satellite countries of the USSR. So he put pressure on the USA to back away from the plan. President Bush rightfully explained to the russians that the system was no threat to them and went forward with plans for deployment. Obama, however, has caved to Russian pressure. What a great signal to send to our allies -- the USA can get pushed around by Russia. That should do wonders in building confidence in the USA in Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, and all of the other countries formerly controlled by the Soviet Union. Indeed, the fact that the USA crumbled to Russian pressure regarding two countries that are member states of NATO may also spread the unease to Germany, France, Spain and Britain. After all, the missile defense system in question was not just to defend Poland and the Czechs. Rather, it was designed to be part of a larger system to defend all of Western and Central Europe against small scall missile attacks from rogue states.

Obama may want to take the focus away from health care at the moment to try to stop Obamacare from crashing and burning. this is not the way to do it. Hopefully, the American people will realize what a doublecross Obama's decision truly is. So far Obama's foreign policy has been a disaster. Unfortunately, we will have over three more years of this.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter -- update

In the first post about Jimmy Carter, I omitted the fact that he is on Osama Bin Laden's favorites list. Just the other day, Osama issued a tape in which he recommended that Americans read three books. One of those three is Carter's latest screed in which he applies his critical analysis to the Middle East. To say that Carter presents a blatantly biased point of view does not do it justice. Carter's bias is on display in a way truly amazing for a former president of the USA. Even more amazing is that Carter has a fan in Osama.

It is also strange for the Obamacrats to trot out Carter to complain about racism. His administration was not very hospitable to appointing blacks in top positions. Only one member of Carter's cabinet was African American (although she held two different positions over time). By contrast, George W. Bush had five times as many blacks in the cabinet. Seems like a poor choice to bring out an old man who could not bring himself to appoint African Americans to his cabinet as the voice to criticize others for being racist. Sound like the pot calling the kettle "unfair to blacks."

Jimmy Carter

Last night's statement by former president Jimmy Carter that the outburst by Joe Wilson during the Obama speech to congress was "racist", makes me remember yet again why Carter was one of the worst presidents in modern times and why he has been the single worst ex-president ever. Carter is a man who could fairly be called antisemetic. We get additional examples of Carter's bias on a regular basis. Indeed, the latest remark is further proof of how off base Carter really is. The only racism on display is Carter's own use of racist propaganda to try to stop opponents of Obamacare.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Democrats save the Republic

Today, the House voted to rebuke Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Hooray! After all, Wilson shouted out that the president was lying when he actually was merely not telling the truth. Fortunately for all of us the vigilence of the Obamacrats has led to this rebuke. Unfortunately, these same Obamacrats do not seem to be able to rebuke, censure or expell Charlie Rangel, the chairman of Ways and Means, for his "forgetting" to report a long list of properties and income that he had over the last ten years. Oh, and Rangel also forgot to pay incometaxes on the money earned from these properties. And now, Rangel says that those who criticize him for what is arguably criminal activity only do so because they are racists. Never fear, however, the obamacrats have reined in the lack of decorum shown by Wilson. The Republic is safe!

It has been about a week

It has been about a week since President Obama went before Congress to tout his health care plan. Since then nearly 100,000 angry racists gathered as a threatening mob in Washington (sorry, I get my news from the New Yrok Times and MSNBC); Representative Wilson of South Carolina apologized personally to the president for yelling out that the president had lied in his speech. The Obama administration shifted its position on coverage for illegal aliens so that these folks will not get coverage unless they can verify that they are here legally (strange, this was the point that Wilson yelled about); ACORN staffers in three different cities gave a bogus pimp and prostitute advice on how to scam the banks and government so that they could borrow funds to set up brothels for underage women smuggled in from Latin America; and Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of censuring Joe Wilson for not apologizing often enough to Obama. Taken together, the prospects for passage of obamacare do not seem to have been improved very much, if at all, by the Obama speech to Congress.

It seems that no one other than the true believers in Obama paid much attention to the speech. Indeed, I cannot understand why anyone would care that Obama has given another speech. No matter how well he says things, people have started to listen to the words to see if they make sense. This is deadly for Obama. He can no longer spout generalities about the need for change and make any progress. Once people realized that Obama's vision of change meant reductions in health care for most of the nations elderly (they can just take the pain pill), people started listening for details that were not forthcoming. Once people relized that obama's vision for health care meant that millions would lose their current health plans and millions more would see huge increases in their premiums, people started listening for details. All they got was a promise that if you like your doctor or plan nothing in the bill requires that you change them. It is another non-answer. I could go on and on, but the truth is that Obama has lost the trust of the people. Not all of the people, but as P T Barnum said, "you can fool some of the people all of the time."

It has been a blessing to the USA that Obama started out with his flop of a stimulus plan. By saving all of those jobs and keeping the unemployment rate under 8% (actually by losing over 4 million jobs and seeing the unemployment rate soar to about 10%), Obama lost his ability to convince the public with generalities. The economic mess which Obama has created has served to undermine him. It can be undone in the future. Obamacare would do structural damage to the US health system that would be nearly impossible to undo in the future. Hopefully, the stimulus has stimulated Obama care and cap and trade to death.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

why not try the truth

Last week President Obama went before Congress to try to sell his health care "plan". Of course, there is still no plan that has been made available with the official Obama seal of approval. Indeed, it is hard to tell exactly what the "plan" is that Obama was talking about. Nevertheless, I have a modest proposal to obama as to how he can sell his "plan". My suggestion is that the president tell the truth to the American people about what he is proposing. I realize that this runs countrary to most of the efforts by the administration so far, but it still might work. Stop fighting against those who want to do nothing -- who are these people anyway. Instead of fighting straw men, try telling the truth.

Here's a good example: Over the last months, Obama has repeatedly announced that all those who like their doctors and plans will be able to keep them. this is false and Obama know s that it is false, Nevertheless, Obama repeats this just a little bit less than he says "Yes we can!" Since most Americans have now recognized the lie, Obama needs to change his statement. Before congress Obama tried to soft pedal this point -- it morphed into nothing in the plan will require anyone to change their present plans or doctors. Modifying the slogan, however, was change that no one could believe in.

There is no doubt that many people will have their plans changed in major ways if Obamacare passes. For example, there are literally hundreds of thousands of college students who buy a plan through their universities that covers healthcare costs up to $150,000 for the year. This is much lower cost insurance that most regular plans. The healthcare savings here allow families to offset some of the high cost of college. Under the Obama plan, no policy could have an upper limit. As a result, the cost of these plans would likely double. the students would have a different plan that would be much more expensive. The current plan would be outlawed and no one could keep it. Result: Obama was lying.

why is it impossible for Obama to treat Americans like responsible adults and to give us the true facts? why must everthing be done in a dishonest way? Why can he not admit, for example, that health care will be rationed in his purported assault on waste and corruption. No Obama has to lie here too. Will we soon see posters announcing that Obama lied and old people died???????????

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Acorn out at the census bureau

In its Friday night outpouring of news that it wants to see buried, the Obama administration announced that the census bureau was severing ties with ACORN. This severing of ties is not surprising given the recent outpouring of news exposing ACORN as a quasi-criminal enterprise. ACORN staffers in two different offices gave undercover activists posing as a pimp and a hooker advice on how to get bank loans and government assistance to set up brothels which were to be populated with underage illegal alien girls from central America. These advice sessions were caught on vidoe and have been in the media like Fox News and the internet for the last few days. Earlier, there have been a series of exposes on Fox of how federal money was being siphoned off to over 200 ACORN phantom organizations that all purportedly operate out of an abandoned house in New Orleans. This, of course, is in additiona to the multiple investigations and indictments of ACORN in connection with voter fraud in many states. Indeed, continuing the open relationship with ACORN was not a viable option for the Obamacrats in connection with the census.

It will be interesting to see if the many other ties to ACORN are also severed. Willl the checks stop going to that house in New Orleans? Will there be a meaningful federal investigation into ACORN's alleged criminal activities? I doubt it. Nevertheless, even though the census action was as much a public relations move as a real one, those undercover activists who caught ACORN on video giving advice how to set up criminal activities to exploit underage women deserve our hearty congratulations and thanks. Most likely, they have made it much more likely that the 2010 census will actually count people rather than making up numbers that will fit ACORN's political agenda.

It did not take a genius to realize what ACORN is or what its goals are. We still have to wonder how Obama could find them acceptable as government participants. Of course, this is the same Obama Administration that thought Van Jones was a proper Czar despite his avowed Marxism and his many other aberrations.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Public universities and healthcare

Lately, the Obamacrats have picked up the mantra of pointing out how public universities and private ones coexist in order to support their claim that a government healthcare plan could coexist with the private insurance industry. While it sounds good, this argument is actually a non starter.

Public universities and private ones are different products. Students get different educations depending on what school they select. Those attending private colleges (and paying for the privilege) believe that they are getting a better product than would be available from a state school.

Government run health care and private insurance do not provide different products. Both provide health care for the individual. What is different between the two plans is the price. According to the Obamacrats themselves, the government run plan will be a less expensive way to get healthcare equal to that available from the private plans. Any rational person will want to get equal healthcare for less cost. This will drain people out of the private insurance industry and into the government plan.

If the government plan could actually reduce the costs of care, it would be a major benefit to this country. Unfortunately, the government plan will not reduce costs; rather, it will subsidize its members costs through tax revenue and by running up the cost of those in private plans. It is just shifting the burden to the government, not reducing the cost. Once the government shifts this burden back to the people through increased fees and taxes (as it must), the total cost for health care will actually increase over the present as the waste and fraud prevalent in government programs and the inefficient financing methods take hold. Over the long term, the government plan will both destroy the private insurance industry and bankrupt the country.

One thing is clear: no one in the White House understands economics.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's healthcare speech

Tonight's oration to a joint session of Congress was remarkable to me in its simplicity. I thought that Obama (or at least his advisers) would undestand that America wanted to have details on the plan for healthcare. And not just details, but true details. All we got was more of the same. When the President announced that he would not sign any bill that did not pay for itself, "PERIOD", I knew that truth was not playing a large role in Obama's statements. After all, here he is advocating increaseing the number of patients by the millions, forcing incurance companies to accept all pre-existing conditions while setting no maximums for insurance coverage, promising to lower the cost of coverage for most Americans and, nost fantastic of all, paying for this by cutting waste out of medicare. Of course, Obama never explains why, if there is so much waste and fraud in medicare, the governemnt has not done anything about that for all these years.

The truth is that while there is undoubtedly a great deal of waste in teh medicare system, it is not enough to pay for obamacare or even a large portion of it. the truth is further that Obama relies on gimmicks to claim that there will be no net cost for this new system -- for example during the first decade of the proposed plan there are ten years of increased taxes and other revenue generation but on about seven years of increased costs. Even with this gimmick, the CBO still says that we will see about a quarter of a trillion dollars of additional expenses added to the deficit. My guess is that this figure from the CBO is low in the extreme.

Why can't obama address this problem in an incremental fashion. Let's start with reducing waste and fraud and see what savings are really there. Let's also make changes to cut defensive medicine and malpractice insurance costs through tort reform. Those two changes could be done starting immediately. They should reduce costs for everyone immediately. And they should give us some sense of how much fat there really is in the medical system that can be cut and used for expanding healthcare for the uninsurables.

I realize that an honest statement about healthcare from the obamacrats is not likely any time soon. Still, I can dream.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

congress is back -- now comes the trouble

Congress is back in Washinton after a well deserved (for the country) vacation. Our elected representatives were forced to meet and deal with the views of actual constituents rather than the distilled nonsense fed to them by pollsters and pundits, not to mention lobbyists. Of course, now that they are back in Washington all that reality can fade into the background once again. They can resume the fantasy that they know better than the American people what it is that those same people want and need. I think we should all hope for a recess as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones - II

Wow! That did not take long! Van Jones "resigned" in the middle of last night. His 'resignation was timed to be too late for the Sunday papers and tool early for the news cycle after Labor Day. He claims to have "resigned" because he was being subjected to malicious smears from right wing nut jobs. Of course, the big weapoons being used against Jones were videos of his own earlier statements. Imagine! How dare those right wing nut jobs actually quote what he said over the last five years. What a smear tactic!

The truth is that Jones was dumped by the White House at the most opportune time to avoid publicity. Indeed, those who get their news from the main stream media probably had no idea of any controversy about Jones at all, as the MSM had not covered this matter prior to Labor Day weekend.

The Jones affair is actually a very telling matter about the Obama White House. There is no way that Jones could have been appointed to his position without the administration having knowledge of most if not all of his bizarre past statements. The real truth is that the Obama Administration did not see Jones' past comments as a problem. Indeed, they agreed with them. Whites dumped all polution on people of color. The capitalist system was the cause of suffering and polution. A convicted murderer of a policeman was a hero! etc.

I wonder who will be uncovered next.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Van Jones -- truly amazing

The stories about White House green jobs Tsar Van Jones keep getting stranger and stranger. First, Glenn Beck came out with video where Jones proclaimed himself a Communist. Then we got more video about how Jones wants to remake the American system. Then came his background as a 9-11 Truther who claims that the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job perpetrated by the US government. Now he is on tape telling us that white males are demented unlike black males who never shoot up suburban schools. And the videos keep coming. Indeed, I find it truly amazing that Jones has not yet been dumped by the Obamacrats.

Even more amazing is the fact that the main stream media has not been covering this story. Nothing on NBC or in the New York Times. Nothing on the other networks until today. It is as if a White House Tsar with radical and clearly crazy views is not news to these people. Did they really think that if they did not report about Jones, the issue would go away? Apparently so. And apparently, the self proclaimed gurus who run these media outlets still do not understand that they no longer have a monopoly on the dissemination of news in America. So, in about ten days, the story has changed from the boycott of advertisers on the Glenn Beck Show (which got big press in the main stream media) -- a boycott promoted by Van Jones' organization -- to one about how long Jones can survive as a crazy in the White House.

Amazing what a little truth can do when applied directly to a problem.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smell the desperation!

the announcement that Obama is going to address a joint session of Congress with regard to health care is a sure sign of panic at the White House. After all, the big gun of the administration is the teleprompter - reading skill of the president. He trotted out his speechifying on a number of occasions in July and August to support Obamacare. He also addressed a number of purportedly unscripted questions at town hall meetings. The net effect of these appearances was a decline in support for both the president and his proposals. The American people finally have woken up to realize that when the big O (pronounced big zero) steps out on the stage to read his poll tested lines (which have no relation to the truth), they should not take him at face value. We have to read the text of the bills and not listen to the pablum spouting from the big O.

My guess is that the ratings for this address to congress will not be very good. After all, how many times do we need to hear the same thing over and over from this man. Perhaps, if he would put forth an actual proposal and distribute it to the country via the media, he might have some better success. Indeed, if Obama could speak in specifics, he might be helped in some quarters. At least the irrational fears of many might be lessened. On the other hand, with a concrete proposal, the talking points used by the Obamacrats would have to be modified to reflect reality. That ought to be enough to kill any chance for passage of this bill.

Obama tried to get this proposal through congress based upon nothing more than a smile and a load of BS. He lost the trust of the majority of the people. He will not get their trust back with another in his endless series of speeches. He will have to produce some results first. Who knows, maybe by next week, unemployment will have been brought down to 6% due to the stimulus bill. Maybe the war in Afghanistan will end. Maybe aliens will land on the White House lawn. The longer this mess goes on, the worse it gets for the Obamacrats. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group of people.