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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Question For The Day

The news today is filled with the mainstream media pushing the narrative of the high school students marching for gun control.  The murders have to end!  According to the media, anyone who questions these students is a heartless ogre.

Meanwhile, the news is out today also that the MS-13 gang of mostly illegal aliens is responsible for 207 murders in 2017 and has spread to 22 different states.  Of course, anyone who wants to crack down on these gangsters is, according the mainstream media, a heartless ogre who is a racist to boot.  In other words, the murders have to end, but only if they involve guns but not illegal alien gang members.

Sometimes, I find the distinctions that the media makes to be impossible to follow.

Fixing the Bogus Polls

Quinnipiac is at it again.  It released its periodic poll on President Trump's job approval.  The result according to Quinnipiac is disapprove 58%, approve 37%.  That's pretty terrible until you look at the other two polls on the same subject released today.  These two average disapprove 51 and approve 46%.  That's an 18 point difference from the spread in the Quinnipiac poll.  If this were an aberration, you could write it off as a statistical mistake, but it's not.  For at least the last six months, the results from Quinnipiac have bee very substantially worse for President Trump than all the other polls (of which there are many.)

Is there something that can be done to stop Quinnipiac from releasing polls that are obviously wrong and set to try to embarrass the president?  Not really.  It's just sad that a polling organization would think that releasing bogus polls makes sense.  Americans have the right to expect something close to the truth in these polls.  Sure, they might be wrong, but they ought to at least be issued in good faith. 

Unbelievable Spin Never Stops

There was a special legislative election in Kentucky yesterday.  The election was made necessary when a Republican legislator faced with allegations of sex abuse and a possible criminal indictment committed suicide.  His wife ran as a GOP candidate to finish out his term.  Her position was that her husband had been innocent and had been the target of a left wing hit job.  The Democrat candidate was the one who had lost the same seat in 2016 by only 200 votes while President Trump was carrying the district by a big margin.  Not surprising, the Democrat won.  Too many voters thought the GOP candidate was delusional (if loyal) in support of her late husband, given the evidence against him that made its way into the public domain. 

That's the news; now here's the spin.  The Democrats are pointing to this result as "proof" of the major Democrat wave sweeping the nation.  It's laughable.  Sure, the Democrat won, but this local election was governed by special circumstances, not national politics.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

That Didn't Take Long

I just got a fund raising email from Romney for Utah.  It's only been a day or two since Mitt announced he is running for office from his fourth home state.  I made it on the list of potential donors.  Lucky me!

For what it's worth, I unsubscribed from the list.  I'm curious to see if I get further requests for funds from the Romney campaign. 

I'm also curious to see which Mitt Romney shows up on the campaign trail in Utah.  When Mitt ran for governor and won in Massachusetts, he was moderate Mitt.  In his first presidential try in 2008, he was moderately conservative Mitt.  When he ran in 2012, he was conservative Mitt.  My guess is that in 2018 in Utah, we will see ultraconservative Mitt (at least until he gets to Washington).  I have no desire to support him; he should win anyway.


Will CNN and MSNBC Admit Their Complicity?

One part of the indictment from the special prosecutor against a group of Russians concerning the 2016 election discusses the competing rallies that the Russians organized for the day after the election in 2016.  The first rally was a "support Trump" rally; the second was a "not my president" rally against Trump.  In an interesting article, a reporter went back to look at the coverage of the Not My President rally at Trump Tower on that day.  CNN and MSNBC featured the rally prominently in their coverage for hour after hour.  The supposed reporters at CNN even told viewers that the event was extremely well organized and that it had been put together by a local college student.  That seems unlikely, as getting these rallies set up is a time consuming and difficult undertaking, particularly in New York.  The unlikely supposed fact that they were reporting did not lead the CNN investigative crew to uncover the truth:  the rally had been organized by the Russians.  I wonder if CNN and MSNBC will now report how they helped the Russians in their efforts (whether wittingly or not).

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Rankings

I just saw an article in Newsweek (I thought it had gone bankrupt and closed) about the rankings by "experts" of all of America's presidents.  The so called "experts" were 170 social science professors and others in academia in those fields.  No surprise, these people ranked President Trump last of every US president in history.  That's right; Warren Harding may have held office for two years with his biggest accomplishment being the Teapot Dome scandal, a sordid mess of corruption involving oil leases on federal lands.  James Buchanan may have sat idle in Washington as the nation split apart and the Civil War began.  Jimmy Carter may have led us into the highest spurt of inflation in American history and been unable to gain the freedom of American hostages held by Iran after Iranians overran the US embassy in Teheran.  Other presidents long ago favored slavery.  Woodrow Wilson was an avowed racist who segregated the US Armed Forces, supported the Ku Klux Klan and worked to make sure that minority voters could not vote in federal elections.  But the "experts" have decided after one year that Trump is the worst. 

It's a joke for such a survey to be done.  The people doing the survey go to one of the most Democrat oriented groups in the nation to ask their question.  It's no surprise that these strong Democrats don't like President Trump.  But to call these people "experts" is still a joke.  They're not expert and they're not impartial.

Is Texas Ready for This?

The governor's race in Texas this year will pit governor Abbott against a Democrat challenger.  In the latest polls, the leading Democrat is former sheriff Lupe Valdez.  She's ahead by just under 20%.  Now things change, and Valdez may not get the nomination, but if she does, it should be quite and interesting race.  Valdez won the sheriff's position in Dallas County some years back and became the first Hispanic female lesbian sheriff in the state's history.  Are Texans ready to elect the first Hispanic lesbian as governor?  My guess is that most states are not ready for that, and this is Texas that we are discussing.  Any victory by a Democrat in Texas is a long shot, but adding in the minority and sexual preference of Valdez could present an even bigger difficulty for her in this race.

My prediction is that if Valdez is the candidate, she will lose in a landslide even bigger than the usual loss by Democrats (the last Democrat lost by 20% four years ago.)  That should be big enough to guarantee that Ted Cruz gets re-elected to the senate and that the GOP holds onto its seats in Congress and maybe picks up one or two more.