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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Ministry Of Health???

Two men were killed when a tunnel collapsed in Gaza.  The men were working on construction of the tunnel which was to enable Hamas terrorists to sneak into Israel to carry out attacks.  The announcement came from the Ministry of Health of Gaza.

This leads to a few comments:

1.  Why is the Ministry of Health reporting about terrorists being killed building an attack tunnel?  Have things actually gotten that bizarre in Gaza that the collapse is considered a health issue?

2.  I wonder what caused the tunnel to collapse.  Have the Israelis found a method to cause the collapse of such tunnels?  I hope so.

3.  There is the need for enormous amounts of construction in Gaza.  Buildings, roads, schools and infrastructure is woefully inadequate.  Why is Hamas wasting its resources on building terror tunnels rather than using the resources to help the population?

Question of the Day

What do these states have in common that makes them different from every other state:   California, Hawaii, Delaware and Rhode Island?

Here's the answer:  these are the only four states out of 50 that have a Democrat governor and Democrat majority control of the state legislature.  (Connecticut's state senate is split evenly between Democrats and Republicans so the Democrats have functional control but not a majority.)

It's a rather staggering statistic.  A month after the election, it is still hard to grasp just how badly the Democrats have done across the country. 

Wisconsin Moves Towards The Finish Line

The recount in Wisconsin is 70% complete as of yesterday.  As of now, Hillary Clinton has closed the more than 22,000 margin run up by Donald Trump by 68 votes.  In other words, the original count was correct and the recount has been a massive waste of time and money.  Jill Stein has also picked up about 60 votes (which comes to roughly $58,000 per vote for her.)

This thing is over and the word for Jill Stein (and her silent partner Hillary Clinton) is "Humiliated".

Why is it that the left are such bad losers?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pruitt At EPA

Donald Trump named his choice for head of the EPA today; it is Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma.  It is truly a delicious moment of joy.  Pruitt, you see, does not believe that man made climate change is "settled science".  He believes that data showing actual warming and a causation by human activity is needed before any conclusions can be drawn.  He also believes that the computer models on which all global warming arguments have been based are insufficient to constitute settled science, particularly since those computer models have been shown to be erroneous by the actual data we have so far.  In other words, Pruit wants to use the scientific method to come to a conclusion rather than failed models, coercion and hype.

All I can say about this choice is BRAVO!!!!!!  If there was ever any proof needed to show just how positive this development is, it comes from the New York Times tonight which is busy calling Pruitt a "climate change denialist".  Just yesterday, Trump was meeting with Al Gore and the climate change industry was getting goose bumps thinking that Trump had suddenly flipped in his views.  Today, reality is back and it is wonderful.

There's no question that we need to monitor the climate to make sure if there is any merit to claims about global warming.  Until there is some actual evidence that the actions of man are changing the climate, however, there is no need to change the essence of our lives to prevent something that is most likely not actually happening.

CNN Is Accused Of Racial Discrimination

In an interesting, a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of all of CNN's African American employees alleging that the network engages in racial discrimination in hiring and promotion.  I haven't seen the complaint, but the news reports indicate that the basis for the charges is the under-representation of blacks at the highest level of CNN management.  Given that CNN is one of the prime places where phony charges of racism are made in our media, it's nice to see charges of racism leveled at the network.  Nevertheless, the court should require more than just unequal representation to prove discrimination; there needs to be proof of actual discrimination.

Just remember this lawsuit, however, the next time you hear that some nonentity on CNN is charging someone with racism.

Oh NO!!!! There's Too Many Generals!!

Today's big criticism of President Elect Trump in the mainstream media is that he is selecting too many generals to be in his cabinet.  What a calamity.  Trump has selected retired general Mattis as the defense secretary and another retired general as head of Homeland Security.  Top that off with General Flynn as National Security Advisor and there are three retired generals with top positions.  So?  Mattis is someone with unquestioned talent regarding the military.  He is known as someone who gets things done and does not let bureaucracy stand in the way.  In other words, he is just the sort of person who could reshape the Pentagon in a very positive way.  Flynn is former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama.  He has years of experience with national security matters.  His military experience is a positive not a negative for his position.  Similarly, having retired general Kelly as head at Homeland Security is great.  Kelly has years of experience dealing with many of the major problems handled by DHS. 

Sometimes, it just gets ridiculous to watch the media and the critics try to find fault with anything that Trump does.

Michigan Recount OVER

The federal judge who had issued an order requiring Michigan to go ahead immediately with the recount sought by Jill Stein (and Hillary Clinton) just dissolved his order and entered judgment against Stein.  The federal order had addressed only the timing of the recount.  The Michigan state appellate court ruled earlier this week that Stein had no right to a recount.  Since that erased the basis for the recount, the federal court vacated its earlier order as to timing.  Taken together, the orders of both courts now effectively ended the recount effort.

It was always total BS for Stein to seek a recount with NO evidence of any miscount or error in the original totals.  Now that nonsense is over.