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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Democrats Blink

In the world of bizarre news, Democrat senate leader Chuck Schumer just took to the floor of the senate to claim that the Democrats had not filibustered the continuing resolution or shut down the government in favor of illegal aliens.  It was a strange way to end a failed effort to manipulate the system to get what they wanted.  Fortunately, the GOP and President Trump responded by steadfastly stating that they would not negotiate a DACA fix while the Democrats kept the government closed.  This made it perfectly clear that the Dems were elevating the DACA illegals to a position more important than the 300 million plus American citizens who Congress represents.

I haven't seen any polls on the subject, but there is no doubt that the Dems got poll results showing that the public was blaming them for shutting down the government.  For once, the truth made its way past the talking points of the Dems and their mainstream media allies.  Even the media was forced to admit that the Dems had shut things down to force a deal on DACA.  Every American could then understand that he or she ranked second to the illegals in the view of the Democrats.

I'm surprised that the Dems blinked this fast.  I expected that it would take a few more days before they caved.  After all, if the news reports are correct, the Democrats got nothing in exchange for their caving on the continuing resolution other than a promise by the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring a DACA bill to the floor of the Senate in the next few weeks allowing fair amendment and voting.  That's nothing.  Remember, there's no definition of what the DACA bill coming for a vote will include.  Remember further that the House also has to pass a DACA bill, and there's no commitment that the House will even consider a bill passed by the Senate.  As I said above, this is nothing but a fig leaf to allow Schumer to claim he got something when he did not.

It's good to see that the Democrats' government shutdown was such a failure for them.  Maybe this will end these shutdowns for a while.  If not, there will probably be a countdown clock until the next possible shutdown that CNN will put in the corner of its feed.

Sometimes It's Hard To Watch

I have a friend who watches the Sunday morning "news" shows like Meet the Press or Fox News Sunday.  I don't.  Usually, these shows are just guests who spew talking points and panelists who say exactly what one would expect about those talking points.  After reading the news during the week, is there really any benefit to watching purported "newsmakers" rehash their views once again on Sunday?  I don't think so.  My friend tells me that he watches because he learns things from those shows.  I think that's because he doesn't pay close attention the rest of the time.

The current shutdown is a good example of what I am talking about.  It was discussed on each of the Sunday shows.  I know that without even watching them.  But here's my question:  how many people speaking on these shows said that there were points being made by both sides in the dispute?  My guess is that the answer is zero.  Everyone who spoke either blamed the Democrats (correctly) for the shutdown or else blamed the Republicans (incorrectly).  Then we got a rehash of talking points.

If I am wrong, let me know.  I don't expect to hear from anyone.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Shutdown or Shakedown?

So far today, my household has received reports from the President on his position on the shutdown, updates from Republican as well as Democrat congressmen and senators on the same subject and a whole host of requests for contributions.  The shutdown is now a fund raising opportunity extraordinaire.

It never fails to amaze me that no matter what happens in Washington, there's always some politician who tries to use the event to get contributions.  Sure, the shutdown is important, but why should America give money to people who request it because they can't decide how to spend the public's money?

Still, I'm waiting for the request from Chuck Schumer which starts out "With the recent difficult in collecting the trash in the snow, we need your contribution..."


How Convenient

The FBI has informed Congress that five months of text messages between agent Peter Strzok and his mistress agent Lisa Page have "disappeared".  The dates in question are the five months prior to the appointment of Mueller as the special prosecutor.  Remember, Strzok is the guy who took the lead in the Hillary email investigation and dealing with the Trump dossier who told Page that they needed "insurance" for dealing with a possible Trump victory in the election.  Page worked directly for deputy director Andrew McCabe who was involved in writing early drafts of the exoneration of Hillary Clinton months before she was interviewed and also before about 25 other witnesses were questioned.  Oh, and McCabe is also the guy whose wife got three quarters of a million dollars in "contributions" from Clintonites for a state senate contest in Virginia.  (You have to wonder how many contests for the state legislature have million dollar budgets.)  So, text messages that one would think would have a great many indications of Strzok or Page leaking classified or confidential info to the media to embarrass Trump have just "disappeared".  As the Church Lady used to say on SNL, "How convenient!"

This really smacks of destruction of evidence by the Comey let FBI in order to cover up wrongdoing.  In fact, were this an actual civil lawsuit, the judge would instruct the jury that the "loss" of the evidence by the FBI should be construed by the jury as indicating that those text messages contained information damaging to Strzok and Page and the FBI.

It really is amazing to watch the FBI probe and the Mueller "investigation" melting down in front of our eyes.  I can't wait to see the memo by the House intelligence committee.  It may well be the final straw.

Nothing Like Open Societies

I had never heard of the new movie "Jungle" starring Daniel Radcliffe (who played Harry Potter in all those movies) until today.  That's when I read that the movie had been banned in Lebanon and some other Muslim countries in the Middle East.  I read the articles on the subject to see what the movie portrayed that was so dangerous that these Arab countries would ban it.  It turns out that the movie is the story of a hiker who gets lost in the jungle in Bolivia (in South America) and lives for three weeks while looking for a way out.  It surely doesn't seem like much of a threat to Lebanese society.  But here's the punch line:  the movie is based on a true story and the guy who was actually lost in the jungle is an Israeli.  That's why it is banned.

Image a society where a movie is removed from screens because someone it portrays comes from a country the censors don't like.  If we were on a college campus, I guess the administration would just call the movie "hate speech" and ban it for that reason.  In the real world, the idea that a movie is banned for a reason like this shows just how close-minded and bigoted these Arab countries really are.

Worth Looking At The Lies

With the ongoing government shutdown, it's important to keep the truth in sight and to get rid of the many lies floating around in the media.

1.  The overriding issue in this fight is the group of illegal aliens covered by DACA.  The Democrats have made clear that they have voted against funding the government because there is no fix for the DACA group included in the measure.  Think what this means.  The bill before the Senate which has already passed the House extends the healthcare program that covers over 9 million poor American children for six years.  The Democrats have said that they support extending the healthcare for poor children, but they are blocking the extension in order to favor the illegal aliens covered by DACA.  Will it take the deaths of children denied healthcare to get the Dems to move off their DACA effort? 
The bill also blocks the Obamacare Cadillac tax for this year.  That tax is a heavy charge assessed by the government on union workers who have very good health plans.  By blocking the bill, the Democrats are telling the working men and women who are union members that they are less important than the illegal aliens covered by DACA.  Imagine what those unions are going to say in the next election.  Then there's the basic functioning of the government.  The shutdown won't affect that many people for now, but it will still hit people across the country who need government services.  The Democrats are telling America that the illegal aliens covered by DACA matter to Democrats more than American citizens do.  And let's not forget the military.  Because of the government shutdown, our military is not getting paid.  They are also being denied things like the Armed Forces Network (which would have broadcast the NFL Championship games today) and the ability to call home for minimal cost.  Why do the Democrats think that illegal aliens covered by DACA are more important than our men and women in uniform?

2.  The Democrats are taking the position that the GOP is "using the CHIP program as a bargaining chip."  That's a whopper of a lie.  The House has passed an extention of this program for healthcare for poor children three times this session.  The first two times were done on a stand alone basis.  The last time was as part of this spending bill.  The Democrats in the Senate then blocked the spending bill.  Republicans want the healthcare for poor children in place.  That's hardly using it as a bargaining chip.  It's the Democrats who are holding the program hostage to get their way on DACA.

3.  There is no rush on DACA; the illegals covered by that program are safe until March 5 and probably beyond.  The order issued by President Trump ending the illegal Obama program that set up DACA only stops DACA on March 5, 2018.  Meanwhile, a federal court has issued an order staying enforcement of President Trump's order until the matter has been fully adjudicated.  The administration is appealing that stay to the Supreme Court, but even if SCOTUS takes the case, it will be unlikely to hear the argument and make a decision until many weeks or months after March 5th.  That means that not only are the Democrats pushing DACA a thereby elevating the welfare of less than a million illegal aliens over American citizens, but the illegal aliens are not even in imminent danger of deportation.

4.  There's a myriad of other excuses offered by Democrats but none of them have much support.  The truth is that the Democrats have decided to take a stand for the illegal aliens covered by DACA at to tell the rest of America (including 9 million poor kids who will lose health care) that they can go to hell.  It's a really evil move.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Good News On the Memo

The House Intelligence Committee has begun the process to declassify the memo outlining Obama FBI, and Obama DOJ violations of the law so that they could spy on the Trump campaign.  It will take about 20 work days to complete the process, but then America will get to see the truth.