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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

One More Bit Of Insanity

The race is about to begin.  One of the contestants sits down on the sidelines and announces that he will not run in the race so long as the other competitor is running.  The referee says that the other competitor is properly entered in the race and entitled to run.  The sitting contestant then calls for the referee to be replaced or he will pull out of the race (in which he won't run anyway.)

This may sound somewhat convoluted, but it's pretty close to what is happening now with the Palestinian Authority.  President Abbas of the PA has long said that he will not make peace with Israel.  Nor will the PA ever recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.  Despite this, the rest of the world has long accepted the view of the Palestinian Authority and tried to hold a "peace process" to move towards a resolution of the conflict.  No matter what the Palestinian Authority is offered, however, it is never enough.  Much like the runner who refuses to run the race, the PA refuses to take part in any peace negotiations with Israel.  So now the USA (the referee in our example) has announced that it will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  The PA response is to call for the US to no longer be the intermediary between Israel and Palestine in the peace negotiations (which are not actually happening.)  Today, the PA called for the USA to be replace by the UN in the non-existent peace negotiations.

If there weren't people's lives at stake in this mess, it would be funny to watch the PA in action.  It's slapstick at its finest. 

A Taxing Parable

Consider this story:  Before the Civil War, a plantation owner had slaves who lived for free in little huts he provided.  Once the war ended, those slaves were freed.  The plantation owner told the former slaves that they could continue to live in the huts for free.  Many, however, chose to move elsewhere.  When asked what he thought of the slaves' leaving, the plantation owner said, "They've lost their homes."

This story is actually a demonstration of the attitude of the Democrats and the media towards the repeal of the Individual Mandate in the GOP tax bill.  The Individual Mandate requires each American to buy health insurance or to pay a substantial tax.  The mantra of the Democrats has been that if the Individual Mandate is repealed, millions will "lose" health insurance.  That's just like the slaves who, upon being freed, "lost" their homes.  The reality is that the former slaves made their own choice and left.  Similarly, the American people who make their own choice and drop health insurance coverage have not "lost" their policies.  Remember, all the subsidies and even the free coverage under Medicaid will not be altered; the only difference is that Americans will not be legally required to use those subsidies and free coverages.  It's called restoring freedom, not the loss of health insurance policies.

There has been so much misinformation put out by the media and the Democrats about this piece of the tax legislation, that many people have been confused.  They should learn the truth.

Roy Moore

Roy Moore lost in Alabama to a Democrat yesterday.  It's a big win for Doug Jones, but it's more correctly a big loss for Roy Moore.  The media is filled with people announcing how this is a big signal about 2018.  It's not, unless in that election there are many other candidates accused of molesting a young teen.  Nevertheless, we will probably have weeks now of pontificating about how Alabama changes everything -- it doesn't.  The other down side of the Alabama result is that we will surely have continued calls by Democrats for an investigation of President Trump and the women who claim he harassed them.  Those claims were politically litigated once already, and Trump won.  The Dems want a do over.  Meanwhile, though, if the identities of the congressmen and congresswomen who used the settlement slush fund are released, there will be a much bigger torrent of accusations, resignations and general upset in Washington.

One thing about the Moore race is worth noting:  the polls were wrong.  They were all over the lot, but most favored Moore.  The one recent poll that put Jones ahead came from Fox News, but it showed Moore losing by 10% not 1%.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Report From The Field

This afternoon, I got an email from a regular reader in Pennsylvania.  She gave me an update about today's latest "bombshell" report regarding allegations made against President Trump.  It's well worth sharing.

This morning as we sat in a doctor's waiting room, Megyn Kelly on NBC began interviewing a 35-40 year old woman who accused Donald Trump of touching her rear end in 2003.  The woman said that she was at a concert and was in the same room as Donald Trump, Melania, and (I think) Ray Charles.  She felt something touch her rear and thought it was a photographer's camera bag.  But when she turned around, the person nearest her was Donald Trump.  Therefore, she knew that he was the one who had touched her.  

She then went on for several minutes crying (literally) about her mistreatment by Donald Trump.  She had looked into his eyes and knew that he did it.  She also complained that this had happened to her numerous times since then--not by Donald Trump.

Megyn Kelly looked like a fool for interviewing her.  The people in the doctor's waiting room agreed that they were sick of watching things like this on TV.

This reader is a woman who would not put up with actual sexual harassment, and yet her take on this nonsensical report on TV was extremely negative.  The Democrats and the media may be in the process of overdoing their attacks in a way that discredits them all.  So what else is new?

The Worst Advice Ever

In keeping with the incredible "advice" being given to Israel with regard to peace with the Palestinians, we have to add what is probably the worst advice ever offered.  First let's go into a little background.

1.  The Gaza Strip is controlled by the terrorist group Hamas which ousted the Fatah party of Palestinian Authority president Abbas in an uprising in that territory.  Hamas then constructed tunnels from Gaza under the border and into Israel.  Hamas terrorists used the tunnels to launch attacks inside Israel without being detected.  In 2014, the Israelis and Hamas fought a two month war during which Israel destroyed all or nearly all of the tunnels.

2.  Since 2014, Hamas has used the supplies which get into Gaza to reconstruct the attack tunnel network rather than to help the residents.  The Israelis, however, have devised a system to thwart tunnel construction and to detect and destroy any tunnels that Hamas manages to build.

3.  In the last month or so, Israeli forces have blown up two Hamas tunnels that reached inside Israel.

That brings us to the bad advice.  The peace "experts" are worried that Israel's act of self-defense by destroying tunnels that Hamas has built under Israeli territory may cause Hamas to act in desperation and launch a full scale war.  These fools are counseling Israel not to destroy any further tunnels.

This is beyond stupid.  I wonder how many of these "experts" would give this advice if it were their families who lived on top of the tunnels, thereby facing a surprise terrorist attack.  These fools suggest that Israel leave its citizens open to deadly surprise attack in order not to upset the terrorists.

It never fails to amaze me just how little common sense many of the foreign policy experts have.

Predictions Were Wrong, But It Doesn't Matter

This morning I came across an article written by someone named Aaron David Miller in Politico Magazine.  Miller's thesis is that no one should be fooled by the muted reaction to the decision by President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  Miller says the decision was just political and not related to foreign policy and also that the decision was a disaster.  Then he comes to the money sentence of his entire article:

Rather than any explosion of anger, what we’re more likely to witness is the continuation of a long, grim and nasty grind.

Get that?  Miller, who says he has been involved in Middle East peace talks for many decades, tells us that the result of Trump's supposedly terrible decision is that things will continue as before, and this continuation is proof that this move by Trump was a disaster.

Even for a liberal academic, this is a ridiculous argument.  Remember, before President Trump recognized reality and said that Jerusalem is Israel's capital, people like Miller told us all that such recognition would lead to waves of violence and anger across the Arab world.  The "peace process" would be destroyed (as if there really is a peace process).  They described the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital in apocalyptic terms.  Then the President ignored the warnings of the liberal self-proclaimed cognoscenti, and there was essentially no response.  Oh, the usual people denounced the action; the Palestinian Authority called for yet a few more days of "rage"; but aside from the shows, nothing much happened.  So the "geniuses" of the peace process like Miller, who have failed with their old policies to make any progress for the last 20 years, were proven wrong.  Well, they can't have that, can they?  So Miller has a new argument:  with Trump's move, things will continue as before.  Obviously, that means Trump's move was a failure (according to Miller).  Of course, if you think for a moment, you would realize that what Miller wanted was for Trump not to recognize Jerusalem so that things could continue as before.  We have the same outcome either way according to Miller, but with recognition it is a disaster brought by Trump and without recognition it is motion toward peace due to following policies Miller likes.

Sometimes I wonder how educated people like Miller can write such nonsense.

Monday, December 11, 2017

What Kind of a Scheme Were The Obamacrats Running?

Last week a very high ranking Justice Department official named Ohr was demoted when it was discovered that he had met during the 2016 campaign with Fusion GPS, the authors of the phony Trump dossier (which was then used by the Obama administration to get a FISA warrant to spy on people associated with the Trump campaign.  That was really bad.  Today, however, the news came out that Ohr's wife actually works for Fusion GPS.  Just how closely connected were the Obamacrats, the Clintonites and the scum at Fusion GPS?  The entire Trump-Russia collusion thing actually seems pretty clearly to be an attempt by president Obama's people and Hillary Clinton's people to set up Donald Trump.

This is a true scandal.  It's not like the main Trump-Russia stuff where there's just no proof.  We know that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS $13 million for the dossier to be compiled.  We know that the dossier is filled with phony stories.  We know that the FBI had a hand in using the dossier to get a FISA court warrant to authorize spying on Trump campaign associates.  In other words, the government under Obama worked with Hillary's campaign to first manufacture phony evidence about Trump and then used that phony evidence to get a warrant to allow spying on the Trump campaign.  Just how low did these people go?

The reality is that the true "deplorables" of 2016 were Hillary, Obama and their people.