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Friday, August 11, 2017

Another Press Conference

President Trump just had a short press conference after meeting with Rex Tillerson, Nikki Haley and general McMaster in New Jersey.  It's the President's third press availability in two days.  It's given President Trump the ability to send his message to the people directly in a way that cannot be distorted much by the media.  There's going to be a major formal press conference early next week as well.

The President had much to say about the North Korean situation.  Basically, he just repeated his position.  In addition, however, the President addressed the problem of Venezuela and even said that there were military options for that country.  It was funny to see the reactions to that statement.  On Fox News, a reporter said that what President Trump said was not meant to indicate American troops being involved but rather possible American support for military action by the armed forces of Colombia and Brazil.  On MSNBC, the statement was dismissed as crazed war-mongering by the President.  On CNN, they brought in a former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to say that he had not heard anything about military action in Venezuela previously but that it was a bad idea.  It was odd to hear him first say he knew nothing about what this would entail and then to opine that it would not work.  One might validly ask, "what would not work."

Forgetting the media reactions, there was not all that much news in the press conference.  We just have to wait to see how everything develops going forward.

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