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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Solving Climate Change Quickly

President Trump is said to have threatened North Korea with ruin if it does not stop its nuclear and missile program.  Given that the intelligence agencies are said to now estimate that the NK's have ICBMs and the nukes to go into the nosecones of those missiles, the warning from the President is nothing to be taken lightly.  We really could be facing renewed war in Korea.

That's the bad part of the story, (and it's rather terrible).  Now for the good part for all those people out there worried about global warming.  If just ten nuclear weapons are dropped by the USA (or any other power) on North Korea, there will be enough dust and debris sucked up into the high atmosphere that a fair percentage of sunlight reaching the Earth will be blocked from the surface.  This will lower global temperatures substantially and would lead to what scientists have called "nuclear winter."  The drop in temperature from nuclear winter would be more than the projected rise in temperatures by 2100 made by even the biggest proponents of global warming.

So will Al Gore now push for nuclear war in Korea in order to save the planet?

OK, this is a rather macabre point to make, but it is a real one.  No sane person wants a nuclear war in Korea or anywhere on Earth.  The problem is that we have to face the nut job who is running North Korea and who thinks that threatening nuclear holocaust is the way to guarantee his power.

In the next few days, President Trump should recall Congress and ask for authority to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea if he determines that the NK's are about to achieve the capability of launching a nuclear strike.  This is too important a decision not to involve Congress.  Let's get them all on record right now.

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