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Friday, August 11, 2017

Can't We Stop The Nonsense?

President Trump issued a warning to the North Koreans with regard to their aggressive actions.  By now you've surely heard it.  In fact, you're likely to also have heard Trump's second message that the US military is "locked and loaded" to respond if the NK's launch an attack.  This raises a major question, though.  Why is the mainstream media focusing on the wisdom of what Trump said and using these warnings as a basis to attack the President?  Why isn't more being said about what North Korea is doing?

These are not idle questions.  I've studied the Cuban Missile Crisis.  There was major coverage of the confrontation, but almost none of that coverage dealt with the language that president Kennedy used in discussing US intentions.  I've studied the coverage of the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.  President Bush said that the invasion "will not stand".  In other words, Bush told the Iraqis the USA was going to push them out of Kuwait.  There was essentially no media criticism of Bush's statements.  After 9-11, there was also essentially no media criticism of what the second president Bush had to say about the Islamic terrorists.  So why is it that today the bulk of the coverage regarding Korea deals with the language used by President Trump?

The confrontation with North Korea is a life or death situation for enormous numbers of people.  Shouldn't the American people be kept informed as to what is happening rather than spending most of the time criticizing the language used by President Trump?  How can it be that the media is just spending each day ignoring Kim Jung Un and worrying instead about Trump's words?  It's time to stop the nonsense and focus on what is important.

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