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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

They Should Rename Yahoo News "Morons United"

In a rather crazy moment today, Yahoo News reporter Julia Munslow filed a news story criticizing President Trump for retweeting a Fox News story that contained classified information.  The story is so bizarre that I need to restate it in simple factual terms.

1.  First, Fox News broke a story reporting that US spy satellites had detected the North Koreans loading anti-ship missiles onto one of their ships.  The story was attributed to unnamed sources.

2.  After the story was published by Fox News to millions of readers, it was no longer secret.

3.  President Trump attached the story to a tweet and sent it to his numerous followers.

4.  A short time later, UN ambassador Nikki Haley was asked on TV about the story and she said she couldn't comment on it because it was classified.

5.  By law, if the information was classified, Haley could not comment on it, but the president has the right to declassify the information at any time. 

6.  Clearly, once the story was made public by the leak to Fox News, there was no point in keeping it classified.

So here we have a moron at Yahoo News who criticizes President Trump for talking about classified information that everyone already knows.  How stupid are they at Yahoo News? 

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