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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Guam ????

The North Korean news says that Kim Jung Un is having a plan developed to attack Guam and all the US military installations there.  The NK statement came just a few hours after President Trump told Kim to stop making threats to the USA.

If this were 100 years ago, it would be rather clear that North Korea was about to go to war with the USA and its allies.  Back then, there were no nuclear bombs, but now there are and both sides have them.  Could North Korea really mean it when they say that they are developing plans to attack Guam?  Are they really that nuts?  Sure, the NK's might be able to destroy most of South Korea and also to hit Japan.  They might even get a shot or two at the USA and certainly could hit American bases in South Korea, Japan and, perhaps, elsewhere.  The problem, however, for North Korea is that making that attack would result in the complete destruction of their entire country.  The North Korean army might be able to hold its own for days or even weeks, but eventually it would be overwhelmed and the country destroyed.  No doubt, the North Korean leadership would then be executed.  So, are they really that nuts?

It's hard to know what to believe.  Prior to World War II, most Europeans believed that Hitler didn't really mean what he said about world domination.  They thought he was just posturing for political advantage.  After eighty million people were killed and much of the world destroyed, however, they realized that they should have taken Hitler at his word.  He really was that nuts.

This is the problem facing President Trump.  He has to assume that Kim Jung Un means what he says.  It's horrific, but there really is no other choice.

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