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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Good News or Bad????

According to a report in the Miami Herald, thousands of "migrants" are illegally crossing the border from the USA into Canada and seeking asylum.  These people apparently have chosen to seek asylum in Canada rather than risk deportation from the USA.  The Canadian government has had to mobilize the armed forces to help prepare facilities to house the "migrants".

Think about this for a moment.  Let's assume that 50,000 people leave the USA this way and go to Canada.  If these were established people with jobs in the USA, it's doubtful they would just sneak across the border into Canada.  After all, the only people currently facing deportation in the USA are those with criminal records or whose cases have already been adjudicated and who have been ordered deported.  Most likely, these are people who have been getting public assistance in one form or another.  If that assistance is only costing $2000 per month, that means that the exit of the people saved the government about one and a quarter billion dollars per year.  That's a lot of cash.

One thing is certain:  President Trump's words have motivated many illegal aliens to leave the USA.  We already know that the number arriving here has fallen dramatically.  Maybe in a few years, we will have a few million fewer illegals in this country. 

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