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Friday, August 11, 2017

CNN Gets Rid Of Jeffrey Lord

In a rather bizarre move, CNN fired Jeffry Lord because of a tweet.  For those of you who don't watch CNN, (I know that's essentially everyone), Lord is a strong Trump supporter who CNN trots out on eight or twelve person panels.  Usually, Lord is the only person on the panel who states the administration viewpoint.  When I've seen him -- which is admittedly not often -- he has done pretty well in these discussions.  My guess is that it embarrassed the management at CNN to have one guy make the other seven or eleven look foolish.  So now they got rid of Lord and can bring in someone else.

In any event, Lord was fired because he tweeted "Sieg Heil" in response to a tweet from the head of the David Brock created group of ultra-liberal loons, Media Matters For America.  For the last few days, Lord had been criticizing Media Matters as being fascist or Nazi in trying to organize a boycott of Fox News.  Lord denounced Media Matters for fighting against free speech.  CNN apparently had no problem with Media Matters being called Nazis or fascist.  How could it?  One has to wonder how many times President Trump has been called a Nazi or a fascist on CNN; it's certainly something that has happened often.  Obviously, the couldn't fire Lord for saying what they often say themselves on the air.  No, CNN waited for Lord to tweet a Nazi salute back to Media Matters.  The meaning is obvious; Lord was calling the head of Media Matters a Nazi.  So why is this any worse than just calling him a Nazi?

It seems to me that CNN has embarrassed itself yet again.  If the network wants to ban people from calling political opponents Nazis, that's fine.  It seems rather stupid, but it is still fine.  That rule, however, has to apply to everyone.  It cannot be acceptable for the left to call President Trump a Nazi but not acceptable for someone on the right to call the head of Media Matters a Nazi.  That's just stupid.

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