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Saturday, August 12, 2017

ISIS University

It now seems pretty clear that the events in Charlottesville today where a driver plowed his car into a crowd with the result of one dead and a great many wounded was no accident.  We haven't had an adjudication from a court, but the video and witnesses report that the car sped up prior to impact in order to cause the greatest damage possible to those in its path.  ISIS should be proud today; it has taught its gruesome tactics to a new group of terrorists.

The tactic of weaponizing vehicles is a relatively new terror tactic.  It was perfected by ISIS with the best example of it being the massacre in France on Bastille Day when a truck killed over 80 people.

The terrorists in Virginia, be they Nazis or Antifas, seemed to have learned the lesson well from ISIS.  There's no need for guns or bombs; cars and trucks will do just fine.

I wonder what's coming next.  Will the neo-Nazis start holding public beheadings?  Will the Antifas begin throwing those with whom it disagrees off buildings?

All of these people are disgusting and horrible human beings.  They need to stop.  If not, they need to be stopped by the rest of us.

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