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Thursday, August 10, 2017

There May Be A New War In Asia -- Between China and India

The focus of the moment is North Korea, but there is another spot in Asia which may bring the next war, and it is an unlikely spot.  It is a plateau along the border between China, India and Bhutan.  China started road construction in the region about two months ago.  India responded by sending troops to stop the work.  India says the road was in Indian territory.  China says that the Indian troops invaded Chinese territory where the road was being built.  Both sides have taken further aggressive positions on the territorial dispute.  Most recently, India ordered the residents of a nearby village to evacuate so as to be out of the way of any military conflict.

It seems incomprehensible that there could be a war between the world's two most populous countries over a plateau in the Himalayas.  Both sides have nuclear weapons.  Both sides have huge armies.  The plateau has no great value to either side other than as a symbol of national pride.  There's no good reason for a war.

Nevertheless, it seems possible that the situation will continue to deteriorate and India and China may soon be fighting.  It was all that was missing from the world scene.

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