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Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Official Media Take on Using the Military in Venezuela

Reuters has put out a summary article about the meaning of President Trump's comments yesterday that there could be a military option in Venezuela.  It's like a list of talking points for the mainstream media.  Here's a summary:

1.  Trump's comments were a major mistake that will only help Venezuelan dictator Maduro.  Maduro can now position himself as the victim of US aggression.  (Funny to think how he would do that, since the USA hasn't done anything yet.)

2.  Congress hasn't authorized any action, and according to senator Sasse of Nebraska, it won't.

3.  Trump took everyone by surprise with the comment since it was just a shoot from the hip moment.  Of course, it was interesting to see the faces of the Secretary of State, UN Ambassador and National Security Adviser who were standing next to Trump when he made the "surprise" announcement.  None of them had any facial reaction to this big "surprise".

4.  America doesn't intervene in South America any more.  We haven't done so since 1995.  (Reuters doesn't say it, but that last intervention was ordered by Bill Clinton who sent troops to take down the Hatian government in a surprise move, not authorized by Congress, that the media loved.)

5.  The President ignored how thinly stretched the US military already is.

6.  Venezuela is prepared for a US invasion.

Now imagine that Hillary had won the election and had said the same thing about Venezuela.  Think how many of the six points made above would be said about Hillary's statement.  Does the number ZERO sound about right?  It does to me.

Look, there is hardly anyone advocating for any major involvement by American troops in Venezuela.  Still, we are watching that country melting down and moving towards civil war.  In Syria, the civil war has killed half a million, wounded more and made nearly ten million homeless.  All that could have been avoided had president Obama taken strong action at the start of the fighting.  He chose not to act -- SURPRISE!  If words and action by President Trump can prevent a similar cataclysm in Venezuela, shouldn't we discuss this on something other than a purely political basis?

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