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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What's Happening?

Here's a question for you:  what is the status of the battle for Raqqa in Syria.  Raqqa has been the capital city of the ISIS caliphate and it has been under attack by forces allied with the USA (including many US special operations soldiers) for months now. 

If you're like most people, you have little knowledge about the status of the battle.  We may be seeing the end of ISIS as a territorial state with nothing left but terrorist cells.  ISIS rose up in 2015 and took control of big chunks of Iraq and Syria.  Now, that may all be ending.  A reasonable person would think that the media would cover this every day, or at least every other day.  America's people ought to know the status of this battle.  The media, however, spends its time on questions like the length of time it took for President Trump to sign the new sanctions bill regarding Russia.  Trump signed that bill today, well within the ten days he has under the Constitution to do so.  Nevertheless, I actually saw two segments on cable news last night discussing not IF Trump would sign, but rather WHEN he would do so.

While we're talking about media coverage, when is the last time you heard a discussion about the actual issues in tax reform.  I don't mean people screaming about how tax cuts are all for the rich while there are cuts for the poor.  That's just a lie.  I mean a rational discussion about an issue like the effect of cutting the corporate income tax rate.  It's hardly ever discussed.  Nevertheless, cutting corporate taxes is an issue that will affect the future of the American economy for decades.  Meanwhile, the switching of personnel at the White House will have impact for something like five minutes.  Nevertheless, the media covers the personnel issues, not the taxes.

Then there are news items like climate change and its causes and effects.  We get copious amounts of scare tactics.  We are told that climate change will kill everyone (another clear lie).  We never hear real debate about whether or not there really is climate change, whether it is caused by man and what the true effects of climate change would be.  We just hear about "deniers" but no one provides the proof to support the official position.

Shouldn't the real issues be covered?

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