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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz May Have Helped Terrorists

Six months ago, a guy who worked on Capitol Hill doing IT work for Democrats came under suspicion of stealing data from the computers of various congressmen.  The fellow also was suspected of steal cash through these computers and of money laundering.  The suspect is a Muslim originally from Pakistan.  When the FBI started investigating, it told the various congressmen and all but one stopped employing the suspect.  After all, if information was being take off of systems that held classified data, it was too big a threat to national security to let the fellow continue in his job.  Only one congressman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept the guy on the payroll.  In fact, Schultz employed the guy for another six months and allegedly tried to thwart the investigation by refusing access to her computer systems.  When the guy was arrested not long ago while trying to flee the country, he was still on Schultz office payroll.

Now we get news that the suspect may have been involved with terrorist movements.  If this is true, it means that Schultz kept a suspected terrorist on the payroll even after being warned.  How can that be?  The congressman has been asked about this, and her answer seems to boil down to not wanting to be accused of Islamophobia for firing the guy.  Have we really reached the point where a prominent Democrat congressman is more concerned with taking an action against a Muslim than with protecting the national security of the USA?  If so, then Schultz ought to be expelled from the House by the other members.  Clearly, she has lost her mind.

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