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Monday, August 7, 2017

How About A Trade?

The Raise Act is the new proposal for legal immigration rules put forward by senators Cotton and Purdue along with the President.  It's a rational new plan that gives priority for legal immigration to people who 1) have skills or assets that can help our economy, 2) are close family members of those already here legally, and/or 3) are most likely to assimilate easily into American culture.  It has gotten the expected response from the left and the media; they have denounced the proposal as racist, undemocratic, xenophobic, and whatever else they can throw at it.  Soon, they will tell us how the Raise Act will make climate change worse.  The truth is that it does not matter what the GOP proposed regarding immigration; the Democrat/media complex would oppose it.

That being said, I wonder if there could be some sort of compromise or trade worked out for passage of this bill.  For example, how about if the Raise Act were joined with a bill to make DACA permanent?  DACA is the program started by president Obama to prevent deportation of illegal aliens brought here as children and who have no criminal records or other problems (like gang membership).  Those people covered by DACA get work permits and legal status, although they do not become citizens.  So far, President Trump has kept DACA in place even though he could end the program by an Executive Order.

The polling is notoriously poor on the subject, but it does seem as if a majority of the American people like the idea of allowing those who came here as children to stay.  This is particularly true for those who have served in the armed forces.  Coupling DACA with the Raise Act will not get the crazy opposition people in the Democrats to support the measure, but it well might get some of the more reasonable folks to vote for it.  It might be one way to get the 60 votes in the senate needed to overcome the inevitable filibuster.  It seems like an effort worth trying.

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