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Monday, August 7, 2017

Gore Goes Down

Al Gore's new climate change movie was a total bust at the box office this past weekend.  It took in very little even though it was playing at less than 200 theaters.  I'm not talking about the paltry total sum it earned; that obviously happened because of the small number of screens.  No, I'm talking of the small amount earned per screen.  Normally, a successful movie that opens at a small number of theaters does huge numbers per screen because the locations where it is shown are tailored to the audience expected to be most supportive of the film.  Often, those big numbers are then used to generate buzz for the film as it gets wider distribution.  The Al Gore movie took in just over $1000 per screen yesterday.  A successful movie with this sort of distribution would have grossed seven or eight times as much.  A really successful movie might have grossed between fifteen and twenty times what the Gore flop did.

The key takeaway from the numbers of the Gore movie are these:

1.  Most people really don't care enough about global warming to go to see a movie about it.

2.  Watching a movie which features Al Gore is just too painful for many people to endure.

No doubt we will soon see the global warming crowd talking of a great success for the film.  It's BS.  Gore just embarrassed himself.

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