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Monday, August 7, 2017

Revenge Of The Norks

The North Korea are vowing vengeance against the USA because of the UN resolution hitting North Korea with sanctions.  It's the usual sort of response put out by the NK's after anything that they could construe as an insult.  The sanctions, if enforced, are much more than just an insult.  The problem with the NK response is that these people often do what they threaten to do.

So what will happen if the North Koreans attack a US navy ship or some South Korean freighter at sea?  What will happen if the NK's lob some artillery at an American base near the demilitarized zone?  What will happen if the NK's launch a major cyber attack on some American companies?  How will the USA respond?  After all, this seems like a no win situation.  If we do nothing, we will be perceived as weak.  That would almost guarantee that the sanctions will not be enforced.  If we respond with "proportional" military force, the result will be many dead at a minimum and perhaps a resumption of the Korean War.  Neither seems an acceptable alternative.  That means the best alternative is some third choice.  Perhaps the best response will be a major cyber attack on the North Koreans (if that is possible.)  We can hit them hard and deny it at the same time.  Even this course carries with it a major risk of a new war, but at least it does not rub Kim Jung Un's nose in it publicly.  That might be enough to keep him from launching full scale hostilities.

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