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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will There Be War In Korea?

There's no place left to kick the can.  The USA now has a choice:  it can accept a North Korean state armed with nuclear ICBM's or it can go to war.  It's pretty clear that no other course is left.  America has done shows of force.  We have tried to motivate the Chinese to stop the NK's.  We installed anti-missile batteries in South Korea.  Japan and South Korea have protested the NK's actions.  Nothing has worked.  Nothing is likely to work.  Kim Jung Un, the NK leader, has called the bluff of the USA.  Indeed, even were Kim Jung Un to promise to stop the NK missile program, he would likely lie.  So the question facing President Trump comes down to this:  will America accept a North Korea that can destroy US cities with nuclear weapons or will we go to war?

My suggestion is that the President ask Congress for a declaration that the USA can go to war against the NK's to stop that country from gaining nuclear armed missiles.  Let's let our elected representatives decide if we will defend ourselves from the NK threat.  It's a very hard decision, but it is one that has to be made.

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