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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wow, They Rushed That One Out

The other day, there was a poll in Michigan that showed Kid Rock beating Debbie Stabenow in a race for senator in 2018.  It was an earthquake to think that an incumbent senator could be bested by someone like Kid Rock.

The Democrats in Michigan have now rushed out a new poll that shows Stabenow ahead.  I'm sure that makes them feel better, but it shouldn't.  Even in the Democrats' own poll, Stabenow is ahead by very little.  One would normally expect the incumbent to be way ahead at this point in the cycle.  Sure, there are many people who know Kid Rock who would not know state senator A or congressman B.  Nevertheless, it's probably safe to say that there are people who would be repulsed by the idea of someone like Kid Rock in the senate.  Even with that Stabenow is in a close race.  If Kid Rock actually runs, Stabenow may be in the race of her life.

Meanwhile, in Missouri, the attorney general has announced that he is forming an exploratory committee with regard to a run for the senate against Claire McCaskill.  The AG won his last statewide election with more than 60% of the vote, and McCaskill does not poll well in Missouri.  In her last race, McCaskill won because her opponent made stupid comments about rape.  Even so, the race was close.  She is another Democrat who may be in for a tough race in 2018, especially when you consider that Trump took Missouri in a landslide.

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