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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why Does She Open Her Mouth?

Here's today's howler from Chelsea Clinton:

“No one should die of an opioid overdose in 2017 in America, or anywhere – as in all areas where we know how to prevent such deaths".

One has to wonder why Chelsea bothers to speak publicly.  Sure, it would be nice to stop deaths from opioid overdose, but at the same time we clearly don't know how to prevent such deaths.  If we did, we would.  No one wants to see deaths due to drug overdose.  Let me say that again:  no one wants to see deaths due to drug overdose.  Still, there remain people across the country and the world who cannot control their need for opioids, no matter how hard they try.  And remember, many don't try, and there's no much we can do for people who don't want to stop.  In fact, the legal structure put in place mostly by the left makes clear that individuals cannot be forced into treatment unless they are proven to be dangers to themselves or others.  An accidental overdose is not going to be stopped by those legal standards.

What Chelsea really wants is for there to be a massive increase in spending on drug treatment.  You understand?  She's talking about the usual remedy of the liberals:  another massive government program.  We already have many programs like this and still people are killing themselves with drugs.  And remember, the same people who want the massive expansion of treatment programs are the ones who want penalties for drug dealers and users cut.  First they make it easier to get the drug, then they want to spend massive amounts to treat the people who get ensnared by the new supply.

It actually makes me want to look at the list of political contributors to the Democrats to see how many Mexican drug cartels are named there.

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