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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Everything Is Racist

In the annals of the left, it seems that everything is racist.  Still, I saw today an article in The New Republic denouncing the federal government for racism in helping minority owners to bring fast food outlets to minority neighborhoods.  Let me illustrate with the following quote from the article that is meant to show the racist result of government action:

McDonald’s went from one minority franchise in 1969 to 10,142 in 1984 (mostly African American).

Think about that.  According to the article, all these new fast food outlets ruined the diet of the people who ate there.  The result supposedly is an obesity crisis among minorities.  Now it may be that people who eat fast food get more empty calories than those who follow the currently trendy vegetarian, organic, locally grown, non-GMO high fiber diet pushed at your local Whole Foods Market, but the choice made by restaurant goers to patronize fast food restaurants is hardly the promotion of racism.  Those who seek equality should have celebrated the creation of a group of minority franchisees for these restaurant chains.  Suddenly there were 10,000 plus minority families with a stable and relatively high income who weren't there just 15 years earlier.  There were also countless jobs in minority communities for local people that just weren't there before.  Only in the distorted thoughts of leftists could this ever be considered racist.  In fact, it is just the opposite.

The problem, you see, is that America has made major strides in combatting racism.  The attitudes and structures of the World War II era and earlier are gone.  There is not total equality in everything, but the vast bulk of the problem is gone.  That presents a problem for the left.  How can you crusade for equality against the supposed racists if there really isn't much racism left?  The answer from the left is to invent new racism.  But that's a problem, because people aren't deaf, dumb and blind.  Even worse, people have memories.  As a result, we get these bizarre new claims of racism and sexism and you-name-it-ism. 

If President Trump says that because it's too expensive for the USA to pay for the sexual reassignment surgery of members of the military who claim to be transgendered, there is no debate on the cost or the propriety of the government paying for that cost.  No, the whole issue is described as a homophobic attack on the entire LBGT community.  It's racist, sexist etc.  The facts don't matter, just the denunciation.

I, and many other Americans, are tired of this non-stop garbage.  If I want to limit Medicaid eligibility to the level the country can actually afford, we can debate what level that should be, but it is not a question of racism.  If someone wants to enforce the laws of the land on immigration, we can debate changing those laws to make them fairer, but it is not a question of racism. 

I truly think that the main reason President Trump won is that people just could not stand hearing Hillary tell us that Americans are racist, sexist, or deplorable for whatever reason.  We're not, and no amount of empty-headed charges will change that.  We've gotten past the point where bogus charges of racism can shut down opposition.  If the left/Democrats/media don't realize that soon, they will be a minority for a long, long time.

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