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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why We Got 65 Confirmations Today

The Senate confirmed 65 nominations by President Trump today in a package approved by voice vote.  This came after six months of the Democrats dragging out every nomination as if it were for the Supreme Court.  Senator Schumer and his Democrat coconspirators made each nomination go through cloture votes and maximum debate even if the end vote was 96 to 4 or even unanimous.  The point was just to tie up the Senate for the maximum amount of time possible.  Today, that all changed and we got 65 confirmations in one minute.

Why did this happen?  There are two reasons:

1.  The senators wanted to go on vacation.  They wanted their August recess to begin, and there were threats that the Senate Majority leader would keep the senate in session to gain approvals of the nominations.  Politics is one thing, but preventing the senate Democrats from going on vacation is another.  That would be just too much for them to bear.

2.  Another alternative was that the Senate would recess and President Trump would make recess appointments since the House is also in recess.  That would embarrass the Democrats by showing that all their games were for naught.  Every Trump appointee would be in place for years, and the confirmation process for these people would still progress but WITH THEM IN OFFICE.  Looking silly is almost as bad in Schumer's eyes as losing his vacation.

In any event, we have 65 newly approved nominees.  Thus far, I cannot even find a list of who was approved.  Hopefully, it included all the judges and US attorneys that the moronic Democrats had held up for no apparent reason.  Most likely, there is an agreement that the President won't make recess appointments during the vacation.  I hope not.  President Trump ought to go ahead and nominate another 200 positions by recess appointment next week.  There's no reason not to do so if there's no agreement on that point.  Let's have the nomination process stop tying up the calendar of the Senate.

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