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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How Can This Be?

Judicial Watch finally got some of the emails from Huma Abedin's account at, the private email server set up by Hillary Clinton to avoid using the federal secure system.  What these emails show is extraordinary.

1.  Most important, there are a great many emails from Hillary to Abedin (or copied to her) that have never been seen by the public before now.  Understand what this means.  Last year, when the State Department produced for the public all of the Hillary emails which she turned over (aside from 22 super secret ones), we were assured that we now had all of Hillary Clinton's work related emails.  That turns out to be a lie.  Obviously, either Hillary Clinton did not turn over all of her work related emails to the State Department or the Obama State Department lied when it said it produced all it got.  My bet is that Hillary lied.  It's no surprise, but still..another lie?  When will it end?

2.  Many of the emails going between Hillary and Abedin contain classified information.  This includes some of the newly discovered ones.  The former FBI Director, Jim Comey (aka St. Jim) assured us that there was nothing indictable in Hillary's handling of classified information.  Now it seems that he didn't even review the casual way that Clinton and her aide treated national security secrets.

It is true that Clinton lost the election.  It is also true that Abedin is married to the sleeze Anthony Weiner.  That certainly is suffering.  It is not, however, a defense to violating the espionage act by mishandling national security secrets.  Add in the new details out about the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton airport meeting and there ought to be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate these people.

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