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Monday, July 24, 2017

A Better Deal Is HERE!!!!

The Democrats unveiled their "plan" for America which they call "A Better Deal".  It's hysterical.  After all those years under Obama when the Democrat program brought us a divided nation, poorer healthcare, a very weak economy, worsening race relations, a declining stature for the USA in the world, the rise of ISIS, a major increase in drug use, and a whole host of other problems, the same people now ask the USA to trust them once more.  We saw what they did when they held the power, so why would we ever give it back to them?

Slogan's are nice sometimes, but some day the Democrats are going to have to learn that accomplishments matter a lot more than words.  For example, talking about freedom is nice, but not if you are shutting down the ability of others to speak at the same time.  Speaking of equal justice is also a good thing, but not if you are unleashing the IRS to target your opponents while you speak.  Talking of strong leadership sounds good, but not if you are actually "leading from behind" or not at all.  Swearing to enforce the laws of the land is not enough if you then fail to do so.  Announcing that people will get to keep their insurance and doctors and will save $2500 per family per year sounds great, but not if the reality is that millions lose their plans and doctors and then end up paying $3000 more per year for a worse plan.

My suggestion is that the Democrats try something really new.  They should adopt a new slogan:  "An Honest Way."  Then they should tell the truth about what they plan to do, and if they get into power, they should actually do what they said they would do.  It would be a major change for the party.  It would also be a major plus.

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