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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Throwing In The Towel

It's another day in Trump/Russia conspiracy land.  It seems, however, that after the disclosure of the emails of the President's son, the Democrat/media complex has run out of supposed blockbusters.  They took their best shot, and now they seem to be throwing in the towel.

Let me illustrate.  Jeffrey Toobin is a legal "expert" who writes in The New Yorker, a hotbed of anti-Trump hysteria.  Toobin has "found" criminal behavior whenever the possible perpetrator is a Republican and "found" no crime if the perp is a Democrat.  Today, he goes through the supposed "implications" of the latest emails and comes to this conclusion:

 In total, the newly disclosed Trump, Jr., e-mails do not prove that any crimes were committed, but they make Mueller’s to-do list even longer.

In other words, even the guy who always finds crime can't find one here.  All he can tell us is that the special prosecutor will have more to look at.

It must have killed Toobin to write that sentence.  Here he is undermining the whole edifice being built on these emails.  Certified morons like former Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine made public statements about how the emails show perjury and treason (when actually, that statement shows only that Kaine does not understand criminal law or else is choosing intentionally to lie.)  Toobin knows that the "leaders" of his party are claiming all sorts of criminal activity and he is disagreeing, indeed he is making those leaders look foolish.

If there is nothing else here, the Democrats and the media will have to throw in the towel.


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