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Friday, July 21, 2017

A Slow Day -- The Media Is Back To Chaos

It must be a slow news day; there are a series of stories about how the White House is in turmoil.  Whenever there is nothing else to say that is negative about the President, the media turns to reporting chaos among his staff.  We had chaos on his team when he announced as a candidate.  There was chaos on his team during the primaries.  There was chaos reported for the Republican convention.  There was chaos reported in the campaign against Hillary.  The transition team was said to be in chaos.  The White House staff has been in chaos according to the media from the day the administration began.  Just today, I saw the fifth wave of stories about how Steve Bannon is departing the White House.  Then I saw an article about how the President's personal legal team had surprise resignations of top people; it turned out that the spokesman for the legal team left, hardly a big deal.  Over the last six months, stories have abounded about how Reince Priebus would be out in a day or so, Kellyanne Conway was being shown the door, and Jared Kushner was being bounced as well.  Of course, none of that happened.  For all the talk of chaos, the White House has gotten a lot accomplished, but that is never part of the story.

I wonder how long the chaos stories will go on.  My guess is that after the President finishes his second term there will be a series of stories about how there is chaos in the committee building the Trump presidential library.  They will be phony then just as they have been all along.

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