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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Ryan Challenge

The Hill has an article today about the many Democrats who are trying to get the nomination of their party to oppose Speaker Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin district in 2018.  Even Drudge linked to the story.  What a joke.  Ryan is about as secure in his seat as any person in Congress.

It's worth remembering the GOP primary of 2016 for Ryan's seat.  There was a "major" challenge to Ryan by a man who got backing from all sorts of Republican figures like Sarah Palin and, to an extent, even Donald Trump.  Ryan got over 80% of the primary vote.  In the general election, he consistently wins by more than 30% over the Democrat.

I've seen interviews with the steelworker who is the first Democrat to make a major push for the seat.  He speaks well; that is not his problem.  No, his problem is not how he says things, but rather what he says.  In two interviews I've seen, he has misstated major facts in both.  I can't see this guy ever beating Ryan.


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