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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Does The Mainstream Media Even Realize What Is Happening?

President Trump is in Warsaw Poland at the moment.  His next stop is Germany for the G-20 meetings.  During that confab, the President will have individual meetings with the leader of China and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  Talks with Putin will likely center on the biggest issue between the USA and Russia at the moment, namely how things proceed in Syria after ISIS is wiped out by the USA and its allies.  Talks with China will likely center on how to deal with North Korea now that the NKs have launched an ICBM.  These are not the only issues on the table for discussion, but everything else pales into insignificance by comparison.

I only repeat these facts because I made the mistake tonight of watching a bit of the news coverage on CNN and MSNBC.  I checked in with those networks at least four times each during the period from 6 to 9 PM eastern daylight time.  Of the eight times I checked, the people on MSNBC and CNN were discussing the question whether or not President Trump will raise Russia's hacking of the election with Putin.  On the eighth time, there was a commercial on CNN.  Now I know this is not a scientific review of the coverage on these two networks.  Nevertheless, it is staggering that in the midst of what has been happening in Syria and with North Korea, all that the networks can discuss is still the silly claims about Trump/Russia collusion.  We've now gone for a year with all sorts of investigations, but with not even a bit of evidence of collusion produced.  It doesn't seem to matter, though; CNN and MSNBC can't seem to discuss anything else.

I wonder if the fools on these networks even realize the imminent danger we face from North Korea or the possibility that an entirely new Middle Eastern war could erupt if the situation in Syria is not handled correctly.  I really don't think that they do realize this. 


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