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Sunday, July 16, 2017

How Many Will Die Without Health Insurance?

The way the debate about the new Senate GOP healthcare bill is going, a casual listener would think that there is some sort of right under the Constitution to health insurance.  Remember, the bill, like Obamacare, deals with insurance, not healthcare.  The Democrats argue that people will die from lack of insurance.  Not one or two people, according to the Democrats, but millions.  It's total nonsense.

It's pretty clear that the GOP bill leaves most of the expansion of insurance coverage under Obamacare.  That expansion came when the coverage of Medicaid was greatly increased.  Both the Senate and the House versions of the GOP bills provide that anyone on Medicaid now will keep that coverage into the future.  No one will be bounced out of the program (except for those who got coverage illegally through fraud and the like.)  So now ask your self this:  prior to Obamacare, how many people died because they lacked health insurance?  It may sound like a silly question, but it's actually the most important question you could ask any Democrat who says people will die under the GOP bill.  Prior to Obamacare, how many people died each year due to lack of health insurance.

The answer may surprise you.  Most likely you will get a blank stare or you will get a speech how uncaring you are.  There won't be a coherent answer, however, because they don't have one.  Is it possible to find a story about someone who succumbed to illness after running up huge hospital bills?  Sure.  On the other hand, is it possible to find stories of hospitals that threw patients out because they were unable to pay their bills?  I've never heard of any.  It doesn't mean someone couldn't dredge up an example like this (although I doubt it), but it does illustrate that no one died due to lack of insurance.

If Obamacare made such a big difference in keeping people alive, you would think that there would be a big drop in the death rate in the USA when Obamacare went into full effect.  Guess what?  There's no meaningful change from the years prior to Obamacare.  In other words, Obamacare did not make a meaningful difference in keeping people alive.

What all this means is that the Democrats' arguments about how the GOP bill will kill people is just another Democrat healthcare lie.  But it's worse than a lie.  It's a dishonest scare tactic.  It's something designed to frighten those who don't understand how dishonest it truly is.  That is unforgiveable.

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