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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Showing Their Stripes

I just saw the list of Emmy nominees for 2017.  For the most part, it's the usual mix of shows I haven't seen and wouldn't watch.  I guess my taste in TV just isn't edgy enough to like the things that the industry voters like.  One thing is certain, however, there will be no dearth of politics at the awards ceremony.  You can tell that from the nominees.

For example, "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" got nominated for an award.  Think about that. Samantha Bee puts on a show each week which would better be called "Adventures in left-wing snarkiness".  She's not engaging or likeable.  Her jokes aren't funny.  It's just a half hour of nastiness that masquerades as comedy. 

You have to understand that the problem is not Samatha Bee's subject matter or even her point of view.  John Oliver also has a weekly show of the same sort on HBO.  He is just as liberal as Bee and he covers mostly the same subjects.  The difference, however, is that Oliver is sometimes genuinely funny.  He doesn't radiate anger and upset and nastiness only then to pretend what was said was comedy.  No, Hollywood is nominating a hate-monger in Samantha Bee for its highest honor.

The Emmy nomination also went to Alec Baldwin for Saturday Night Live.  That means he is being nominated for his portrayal of President Trump.  The first time I saw that schtick, it was mildly amusing.  The second time it was less amusing.  By the seventh time, it was just boring.  It has no imagination.  It's not a very good portrayal of Trump.  it's not funny.  So why did it get nominated?  Easy, it's a way for the voters of the television industry to stick it to Trump.  At least, that's what they must think.  Still, no one will care.

Some day, the Hollywood crowd may come to realize that they do themselves no good by putting themselves so strongly on one side of America's political wars.  They should keep the Emmys to recognize what talent there is that appears on TV rather than using them for political purposes.

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