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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Two Days In A Row with 2020

For the second day in a row, there are a slew of articles about Democrats planning to run for president in 2020.  Two who got mentioned today are Maxine Waters a congressman from California and Chris Murphy the junior senator from my own state of Connecticut.  It's hysterical.

Waters is certainly a strident member of the far left of the party.  She's also African American and that might help her.  On the other hand, Waters is usually unable to talk in sentences that make sense for more than 30 seconds at a time.  She deals in fake news and seems unable to discern reality whenever I've seen her interviewed.  She's also rather decrepit.  Sure, she's younger than Bernie Sanders, but so is Methuselah.  At least she has a ready made campaign slogan:  "Still waters don't run!"

Unlike Waters, Murphy is a young guy.  Nevertheless, with Murphy the perpetual question is always whether he knows what he is saying is bogus and he is just lying, or if he is so divorced from reality that he actually believes much of what he says.  I don't pretend to know for certain what will appeal to American voters; for example, I though Rubio would wipe the floor with Trump in the GOP primaries last time.  I feel fairly confident, however, that no group of voters could strongly support Chris Murphy for president.  I've seen him deal with TV interviews.  If the questioner is totally supportive (like on MSNBC), Murphy is fine when he can stick to his talking points.  If there is any confrontation or real questioning of Murphy, however, he seems to roll up into a ball to try to hide from reality.  This is not a guy who will engender confidence.  Murphy too, has a ready made campaign slogan:  "I'm Chris Murphy, and with me in the White House whatever can go wrong will go wrong."

Right now, I'm not sure in what party Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) would run if he takes seriously his claim that he will run for the presidency.  Clearly, Johnson would be a major step up from either Waters or Murphy.

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