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Friday, July 14, 2017

Using The Courts For Good?

I just read an article in Fortune about a person claiming to be a reporter who is suing because she was blocked by President Trump on Twitter.  Under the rules on Twitter, any user can block any other user.  When this happens, communication between the two gets cut off.  Tweets sent out by either party are not seen by the other.  Supposedly, (and there's no way to know for sure), the President blocked this woman on Twitter.  She now claims that by blocking her, the President harmed her career, so she is suing.

I've seen frivolous lawsuits over the years, but this one really takes first prize for stupidity.  It's the rough equivalent of a waiter suing someone who doesn't come to the restaurant where the waiter works on the grounds that the decision not to use the restaurant lowers the waiter's potential tip income.  Everyone, by definition, has the right to choose not to go to a particular restaurant.  You cannot sue because of the decision.  Similarly, everyone, by definition, has the right to block someone else on Twitter.  Again, you cannot sue because of that action.  Freedom of speech is also freedom not to speak to someone.


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