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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Steve Scalise

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball field in Virginia by a left wing nutjob nearly a month ago.  The congressman was in intensive care for a while, but as of two weeks ago, his condition was listed as "fair" and he seemed on the road to recovery.

Okay, now ask yourself this:  have you heard any updates on Scalise's condition in the last two weeks?  I certainly have not.  I tried searching the web for news articles discussing his current condition and got nothing.  Coverage of Scalise's shooting has ended.  The media is not even covering his current condition.

How can it be that the number 3 Republican in the House gets shot in this way and after two weeks the media completely drops the story?  The answer is that the shooting of Scalise doesn't play well with the narrative that it is President Trump who is inciting violence.  We get wall to wall coverage of a silly video in which Trump wrestles with an image labeled CNN.  It's a horrible threat to the poor reporters -- or so we are told.  But check to see if those same reporters tell us the condition of a GOP congressman gunned down because of the crazy FAKE NEWS that CNN sends out, and you won't find any coverage.

I hope that Rep. Scalise's condition is much improved and that he will be back working in the Capitol shortly.  It was unforgiveable that he was shot.  It is also unforgiveable that the mainstream media have dropped the story of that shooting and now pretend it never happened.


Axster said...

Found your musings years ago when I had a position in Armanino Foods. Stayed on ever since for your frequent insights/views. Thank you for your contributions to my life. Embracing Independence this July 4th.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope I'm not too boring. I'm still in Armanino BTW.