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Monday, July 31, 2017

I Like Kelly Already

General Kelly started his first full day as Chief of Staff at the White House today.  At his request, the new communications director is said to have been relieved of his position.  Anthony Scaramucci may be out completely at the White House or he may have another role; that is not yet clear.  One thing is certain:  Kelly has the confidence of President Trump and has been given a go ahead to take control of the staff.  It was a major mistake for Scaramucci to have boasted that he reported to the President rather than to the Chief of Staff.

I have to say that I like this move by General Kelly.  In one day, he has made clear to everyone at the White House that he, and no one else, is in charge of the people who work for the President.  Today's move should shut down any turf battles or out-of-control egos that were loose in the White House.

The general got criticized in the media for not having been involved in politics in the past; his background is in the military.  One thing is certain:  the pundits who criticized Kelly on that basis do not understand how the military works.  It's politics all the time at the top.  There are different players than in Congress, but the skill set required is the same.

Hopefully, Kelly will clamp down on the leakers and fame seekers.  It would be great if the White House focused more on the Trump agenda and less on the media.  Maybe Kelly can bring this off.

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