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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mass Hysteria Over Nothing; No Response Over Something

What was the big news in the media today about the G-20 meetings in Hamburg, Germany?  If you read most of the mainstream media, the big story is that at one point President Trump had his daughter and Presidential Adviser Ivanka sit in for him at one ceremonial meeting while he was elsewhere.  The outrage and hysteria over Ivanka sitting there instead of her father was so far over the line, that it was actually humorous. One big headline blared that the President had "acted like a dictator" by having his daughter/advisor sit in for him for a while at a meeting.  Oh, the horror!  It was a public meeting/ceremony at which nothing much was happening, but the presence of Ivanka was, according to the media, likely to unleash World War III.

Meanwhile, outside on the streets of Hamburg, the violent protesters continued to attack police and destroy stores, cars and other property.  There was some coverage of the protests, but not much.  For example, did you hear what it was that these violent thugs were protesting?  What was the point of the protest?  You really have to look to find the answer.  The media certainly did not tell us.  Here's the answer:  the protests were by people on the far left who were protesting against capitalism.  How many times did you hear that in the media coverage?  It just wasn't there.

It is unforgiveable that the media stayed quiet about the reasons for these violent protests.  The left wing news media can't highlight the left wing crazies who are on the street with their violent protests.  That violence might turn off some people who otherwise might buy into the left wing narrative.  The media can't have that happen.

There were scores of people injured in the protests.  Most of them were police who were hit by stones and bricks tossed by the protesters.  These krypto-fascists get ignored.  Where Ivanka sits, however, gets wall to wall coverage and manufactured outrage.

The mainstream media is really so worthless.

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