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Sunday, July 2, 2017

France Surrenders -- For a Change

French president Macron has pulled back on the French position regarding Syria.  For the last six years, France's official position has been that Syrian dictator Assad had to go in any peace deal for that country's civil war.  Now that Macron has taken office, however, France has thrown in the towel on that view.  So what if Assad started the civil war by having his snipers shoot people at random in crowds of protesters.  So what if Assad began the war by having enormous numbers of civilians killed.  So what if the vast majority of the half million dead died at the hands of the Assad forces.  So what if Assad used chemical weapons on civilians across Syria at least 20 times.  So what if Assad agreed with the world community to give up his chemical weapons and then went ahead and used them again.  Sure, Assad is a murderous thug who thinks that the only way to power is to keep the population in total fear of its own death at his hands.  Sure, Assad is the reason half the people in Syria have lost their homes and almost a quarter of the country's people have fled as refugees.  President Macron is willing to ignore all that.  Macron doesn't care about the civilians or human rights; that is for certain.

Keep in mind that Macron does not want France to stay out of the resolution in Syria.  That might make sense.  A decision for France not to take part in any settlement would just be a recognition of the reality that France has little influence in the outcome in any event.  NO, this is a change is French outlook as to how to resolve the matter.

Now take a step back and consider how the media is covering this.  If you look at the American media, there is nearly total silence.  After all, it's just France, so who cares.  Nevertheless, the same media nearly had a cow when the Trump administration announced that the decision regarding who should lead Syria was one for the Syrian people to make.  Then Assad launch another massive chemical weapons attack, and President Trump sent cruise missiles in response.  So much for leaving Assad in place.

The reality is that Assad is a monster.  He really needs to go.  But hey, that's just my opinion.

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