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Monday, July 3, 2017

Mourning The Good News

The New York Times today has a front page article lamenting the fact that a great many fewer people in Mexico and Central America are illegally crossing the border to sneak into the USA.  The Times chalks this change up to potential illegal entrants facing the reality of President Trump's policy of enforcing the immigration laws and deporting those who get caught violating that law.  For the Times, this is a tragedy.

Imagine a similar article appearing in the main Chicago newspaper.  Imagine that it announces that a new initiative by the Chicago police has cut the number of shooting deaths in the city by 45% (it should only happen) due to stricter enforcement of immigration laws that has taken criminal illegal aliens off the streets.  Would the paper lament the cut in violent murder because some illegal immigrants were deported?  I wonder.  Now suppose that the police initiative involved strict enforcement of gun control laws.  Is there anyone who doubts that the Chicago press (and the NY Times too) would be trumpeting this "success" day after day after day?

The reality is that President Trump has reduced the number of illegals entering the USA by hundreds of thousands of people just by talking about the subject.  It's a monumental victory.  America should keep this in mind at all times.

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