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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Now We See The Emails

This morning, Donald Trump, Jr. released the email chain that led to his meeting with a Russian lawyer over a year ago.  The media is in a tizzy about this, but there seems to be no reason for the story to raise any concerns.  Let's review what we know:

1.  The President's son had a meeting with a Russian lawyer.  It was short and a waste of time.  The Russian lawyer had no opposition research or other info about Hillary Clinton.  She wanted to talk about adoption of Russian orphans by Americans.  Jared Kushner was at the meeting for about 7 minutes.  Paul Manafort was also there but paid no attention.

2.  The Russian lawyer at the meeting has no apparent ties to the Russian government.

3.  President Trump had no knowledge of the meeting or of what transpired.

4.  The meeting was set up by Trump, jr. because he was told that he would be getting info about Hillary's fund raising from illegal sources.

5.  A British public relations guy who contacted Trump, Jr. to set up the meeting said that the lawyer had info about misdeeds by the Clinton campaign.  This story was supposedly the result of a Russian prosecutor telling someone in a meeting that the Kremlin had such information.  The Russian man to whom this was told, in turn told his son who is a Russian pop star.  The pop star then told the British PR guy.  He then told Trump, Jr.  (To be fair, this really doesn't sound much like an attempt to form a clandestine link between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  Most channels of this sort would not go through a pop star or five people.)

6.  The Russian lawyer says she has no ties to the Kremlin or knowledge of anything about Hillary Clinton, etc.

The story keeps getting more complicated, but its basic essence has not changed.  No information was given by the Russians to Trump, Jr.  There is no evidence that any channel was established between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  Nothing happened.

I mention this because the reaction to the matter has been insane.  I was sitting in a waiting room this morning when the email chain was released by Trump, Jr.  The TV in the waiting room had The View on the screen.  You had to hear the reaction.  One of the ladies said that Trump, Jr. had committed perjury.  Another said he may have obstructed justice.  What morons!  Trump Jr. never testified about the contact, so he couldn't have committed perjury which is lying under oath.  As far as we know, no FBI agent or other government agent ever asked Trump Jr. about the meeting so he could not have obstructed justice.  No, all that happened is that Joy Behar and her fellow lefties decided to use some of the words they know have been used in the past.  I doubt they even know what they were saying.  The best thing, I guess, was when one of them told the audience that the cover up is worse than the crime.  What crime?  What cover up?

We have really reached a point where it seems to be all nonsense all the time.

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