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Monday, July 17, 2017

Now It's Lies On CSpan

I just happened to turn on C-Span coverage of speeches on the Senate floor to see Jeff Merkley, the Democrat from Oregon, deliver a statement about climate change.  He made his speech into a quiz of sorts, but strangely (or maybe predictably) he was less than honest in what he said.

Here's a good example:  the senator asked why American Airlines had to cancel about twenty flights in Arizona during a few day period in June.  The correct answer was "high temperatures".  At a certain point, you see, the hotter air does not provide sufficient lift for some small commuter planes to take off safely.  For the senator, this is proof of global warming.  But here's what our friend the senator left out.  A year ago in June there were more flights canceled due to high temperatures in the same airport.  Ten years ago, there were more flights canceled due to high temperatures in that airport.  If we are watching ever increasing global warming, why did the number of cancelled flights decrease?  There was no mention of this.

The senator then went on to ask in which country the world's largest floating solar power installation is located.  To be fair, it may well be that it's nice to know that answer, but what difference does it make?  Is a floating power plant better than one on land?  NOPE.  So why worry about where the biggest floating one is?

I just get annoyed when this nonsense gets pushed by people who should know better.

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