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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

what Is He Doing

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I support President Trump and his agenda.  Nevertheless, I am at a loss to understand what the President is doing in his relationship with the Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  In the last week, Trump has complained publicly about Sessions recusing himself in the Russia investigation, called Sessions "beleaguered" and now complained about how Sessions is letting Hillary Clinton off the hook.  To say the least, this makes no sense.

Let's start with a simple point:  if President Trump wants Sessions gone, all he has to do is ask for Sessions' resignation.  Should Sessions fail to resign, Trump could just fire him.  All he would need to do is something Trump is good at, and that is say, "You're fired."  So this means that Trump is not trying to get rid of Sessions.

So why would the President undermine his Attorney General?  Is this some sort of strategic ploy to draw attention away from something else that is happening?  I don't know.  The left thinks this is just another outburst by Trump which shows he is unbalanced, but I don't agree with that.

I'm very curious what is going on.  If it turns out that there is no strategy at work here and Trump is just dumping on Sessions, then it is a really stupid move.  You don't attack people in your own cabinet.

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