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Friday, July 21, 2017

Terrorist vs. Terrorist

In the region along the border between Lebanon and Syria, the Assad forces and the Hezbollah terrorists have launched an attack on the soldiers of the al Nusra front.  Until last year, the al Nusra front was the official Syrian affiliate of al Qaeda.  At that point, al Nusra supposedly broke away from al Qaeda and formed its own renamed group.  Despite that name change, al Nusra is still a group of terrorists as far as I can tell.  So we have Shiite Muslim terrorists (Hezbollah) attacking Sunni Muslim terrorists (al Nusra) with the involvement of the army of a state terrorist (Assad).  Probably the best possible outcome would be if they would all just kill each other.  Still, having one terrorist fight another is, for the time being, a good result for the rest of us.

It is important to point out that the fighting is near the northeast corner of Lebanon.  It is NOT in the region where there is a cease fire arranged by the USA and Russia.

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