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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Imran Awan

Don't google this:  can you identify who Imran Awan is?  If you get your news from most media sources, you undoubtedly do not know who Awan is.  So here's a short primer on the subject.

Imran Awan is one of the people who worked on IT for Democrats in Congress including Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was then chair of the DNC.  Awan came under suspicion of being a spy about six months ago.  In fact, Awan was arrested earlier this week at the airport when he tried to flee the country.  The charge used was bank fraud, but there are still others being investigated.    Awan and the other suspects certainly had access to the computer systems used by high ranking Democrats; just today there was confirmation that he had Nancy Pelosi's personal computer.  Wasserman Schultz has been fighting and delaying the FBI investigation into these IT staffers, although we do not know why.  In fact, it was confirmed just yesterday that she still has Awan on her payroll even after his arrest.

This is a real scandal with real evidence.  No one in the media talks about it, though.  Are these guys really spies (most likely for Pakistan)?  Did they compromise national security information by having access to the Congressional computer systems?

This story needs to be reported.

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