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Monday, July 10, 2017

It's CNN Not the President

CNN has published an article which claims that after the G-20 meetings, the USA is becoming a "pariah" nation.  It's quite a headline.  The definition of "pariah" is someone who is generally despised and avoided.  The CNN article is not just claiming that the G-20 went poorly for Trump, but rather that he is destroying America's cordial relationships with allies and other nations around the globe.  Let's look at the actual facts:

1.  America has destroyed the value of its word, thereby the worth of our commitments to allies.  When the Syrians threatened to use chemical weapons on their own people, the president announced that the USA would not tolerate such usage.  It was, in the president's words, a "red line" for the USA which could not be crossed.  Then the Assad forces used chemical weapons 17 times.  The first 16 times, the USA did nothing but to announce that it had insufficient proof to conclude that such weapons had been used.  When the 17th attack came and killed about 1000 people, video was released by those who were hit.  There was no longer any way to deny the truth, so the president said he would act, but then he did not.  Our allies were shocked and dismayed as the USA just ignored the word of our president.  Of course, the president was Obama, not Trump.  When Trump took office, Assad tried using chemical weapons again, and President Trump immediately struck a major blow against Assad which took out 20% of Assad's air force.  America's word once again was worth something.

2.  America has chosen to use symbolic actions rather than real actions to achieve policy goals.  Over 100 countries signed a climate deal in Paris that, even if fully implemented, would not stop the predicted rise of global temperatures.  After 40 years, the pact was predicted to lower the temperature by just over a tenth of a degree, again if fully implemented.  Of course, the pact had no enforcement mechanisms.  There is no way to have any country actually do even the small amounts called for by the pact.  In other words, the pact is just a show so that leaders can say they have acted when, in fact, they have not.  The pact, however, was also calling on countries like the USA to send billions of dollars to other countries to "help" with the non-existent requirements of the agreement.  It was a symbolic pact which accomplished nothing but cost America billions.  Of course, the president who signed such a poor deal was Obama.  President Trump withdrew the USA from this pact.  CNN says that will make America an outcast.  I guess they didn't actually watch the G-20.  Trump met with all sorts of other leaders; they didn't avoid him.  Even Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who is Europe's leading supporter of the Paris pact met with Trump.  Merkel is being forced to face the reality that the Paris climate accord does nothing.

3.  America negotiated a trade deal with Pacific nations that provided few benefits for American workers or consumers.  That was done by Obama.  Trump pulled us out.  And guess what?  We are still trading with these other countries.  The Democrats in the Senate delayed the confirmation of the US Trade Representative for four months, but he is now in place.  America will soon be negotiating new deals with all of these countries.  Doesn't sound like a 'pariah nation", does it?

4.  Perhaps the best example of just how idiotic the CNN report is came with the announced agreement of a cease fire in Southern Syria.  That was a deal between the USA and Russia.  The Russians are not avoiding the USA.

The truth is that the entire premise of the CNN report is just Fake News.  What is actually happening is that CNN is becoming a pariah network.  The ratings are falling as more and more people avoid that network.  The entire edifice of Fake News has come crashing onto CNN.  One would hope that the CNN management would realize this and would try to restore some measure of integrity to the network.  Sadly, CNN seems to be doubling down with Fake News.

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