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Friday, July 21, 2017

Spicer Resigns

According to reports, Sean Spicer resigned as the White House spokesman today.  Spicer disagreed with the President's naming of Anthony Scarramuci as White House Communications Director earlier today.

I don't get why the media considers this a big deal.  It's been know for over a month that Spicer was leaving his role as White House Spokesman.  Here's an excerpt from a Time magazine article from June 17th, more than a month ago:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is eyeing ceding the podium in the coming weeks to take on the role of Senior Advisor for Communications on a full-time basis, according to two officials.
Spicer began the Administration acting in both the press secretary and communications director capacities and returned to wearing the two hats last month after Mike Dubke departed the White House.
For the last month, all but one of the daily briefings have been handled by Sara Huckabee Sanders.  Spicer was already mostly out as White House Spokesman.  We know the reason given by the media as to why Spicer is leaving.  Who knows the actual truth.
Earlier today, we got the usual stories of chaos in the White House.  The funny thing is that not a single one mentioned Spicer as possibly leaving. 
The biggest loss with Spicer leaving is that the extremely funny Twitter parody account, Sean Spicier, will no longer be around.  Whoever wrote "Spicier" had a wicked sense of humor.  I don't know if the real Spicer will be missed by many, but without a doubt the loss of the parody account will be a major blow to many.

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