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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hard to Imagine

President Trump tweeted out a video of him wrestling with and beating a man who had CNN placed over his face.  Oh, the horror!  At least that's been the reaction from the mainstream media.  It's a direct threat to the Republic, or that is what the pundits say.  It's an attack on the First Amendment and a step towards a dictatorship, or so we are being told.

My response is that I think it is time for these media people to get a grip on reality.  I mean think about it.  A left wing crazy gets a bunch of guns and tries to murder a group of Republican congressmen.  It gets coverage, but not as much as this idiotic tweet today.  Actual attempted murder gets less notice than a 21 second video which shows Trump battling CNN and which makes no call for violence.  Democrats and media people tell America that if the GOP healthcare bill passes, millions will be left to die.  That's nothing but a lie, and they know it, but they say it nevertheless.  No one complains about the incendiary action which paints Republicans as murderers, but Trump's video which does very little -- my God! It's the end of the world!

For months and, indeed, years, we have watched the media savage Trump and other Republicans.  Just think of some of the things that CNN had to say about Sarah Palin over the years.  We've had comments on her looks, her intelligence, her morality, her education and the like.  Of course, when the President remarks about how Mika came to Mar a Lago right after having a face lift, it is terrible disgusting sexism.  On the other hand, when CNN or MSNBC call Palin a "skank" or question her morality or discuss her looks, that's just journalism and it isn't sexist at all -- or so they tell us.  The problem, you see, is that the media can dish it out, but they go ballistic if someone like the President hits back.  Immediately, the media becomes a "victim".  It's as if Jack the Ripper or the Zodiac killer got caught after the killing spree and then claimed to be a victim because the handcuffs hurt when the police put them on.

The reality is that the media is composed of many strident leftists who have little or no regard for the truth.  It's hard to imagine that American journalism has sunk to such a low level.

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