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Monday, July 3, 2017

Amazing Coverage Of Chris Christie

The New Jersey state government is shut down because the legislature has not passed a budget.  That's a simple fact.  Despite having control of both houses, the Democrats have not agreed on a budget or spending authorizations.  As a result, the governor Chris Christie ordered non-essential state services shut down.  He has no choice.  He has no legal authority to pay non-essential services.  There was a little coverage of that in the news in the NYC metro area.  What got enormous coverage, however, was video that showed Christie and his family at a beach at a state park that he had ordered shut.  It was a stupid thing for Christie to take his family to a closed beach.  No one could reasonably disagree with that!  Still, the point of the whole thing is that the morons in the legislature have to get off their butts and pass a budget.  The issue is not where Christie goes to the beach.  Despite that, the media is totally fixated on Christie's beach experience.

UPDATE:  It turns out that Christie was sitting on the beach in front of the governor's retreat which happens to be on a beach at a state park.  Just cause the state government is shut down, Christie still gets to stay in the governor's residences.  This whole story is BS.

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