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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Nonsense From The Perpetual Outrage Machine

The other day, the part of the mainstream media that is always outraged by things Trump went into overdrive because the President's daughter Ivanka tweeted a picture of herself and her husband dancing at a formal event.  Places like Yahoo News nearly melted down because the President had issued his order temporarily closing off entry to the USA to people from a few countries with terrorism problems, and there was Ivanka and husband Jared dancing!  Oh the horror!

Does anyone remember 2009?  Millions upon millions of Americans were losing their homes and their jobs with little likelihood of regaining them at any time soon.  President Obama and his wife Michelle didn't stop holding formal events at the White House.  They were often seen in formal clothes at some event or another.  Obama went off to play golf on a frequent basis.  The first family took quite a number of extremely lavish vacations.  Millions of American citizens were in despair compared to a small number of foreigners who face a short delay in entrance into the USA (assuming they are not terrorists.)  The Obamas spent days and weeks partying as opposed to the President's daughter (not the President himself) going to a fancy formal event.  In 2009, however, the mainstream media never once complained.

It's ridiculous to think that there is any reason for the media meltdown now.  Are the President's grown children now the equivalent of the President?  What about the President's second cousins?  Do they also have to stay away from any public event where there is dancing?  Maybe the media thinks that dire difficulties for ordinary Americans don't matter, but inconvenience for a few foreigners in the Middle East is a matter of life and death.  The real truth is that the mainstream media will be outraged by anything Trump, no matter what it is.  People should just ignore the phony outrage.  It's like senator Schumer's tears: they got a lot of attention, but they were as phony as a three dollar bill.

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