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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Few More Media/Democrat Lies

I just read a puff piece from Yahoo News about Dr. Tranh, a California pediatrician who is seeking the Democrat nomination for Congress in a California district currently represented by Republican Ed Royce.  It's an amazing story because the supposed reason why Tranh is running is a lie.  According to the report the deciding factor for Dr. Tranh in making her decision to run came when the House passed its version of the GOP healthcare bill.  Here's how the good doctor put it:

"It was the speed of that vote, the secret way it was done, that just pushed me.”

Consider that for a moment.  Then remember these real facts:

1.  Before the House bill was put on the floor, there were hearings held by three separate committees about the bill.
2.  Those same three committees had to vote on the bill before it could progress to the floor for a vote.  In two of those committees, the bill was amended before it moved forward.
3.  The bill was put on the floor of the house, but no vote was taken for roughly six weeks.
4.  When the bill was brought forward for consideration, it received no more and no less than the same amount of debate and consideration on the floor than any other important bill voted on by the House.
5.  This means that the process in the House which Tranh claims drove her to run gave every American and every House member about three months to consider the provisions of the bill that was passed.  That is certainly not something done in secret.  It is also something that was not done quickly by House standards.  By comparison, in 2010 when the House passed Obamacare, the text of the bill was not unveiled until two days before the House voted.  No member of the House had time to even read the entire 2000 plus pages of the Obamacare bill.  The GOP House healthcare bill is less than 200 pages and everyone had ample time to study it before the vote.

So what do we have?  We have a Democrat candidate who either has no idea what is happening in Washington with healthcare (in other words, an ignoramus) or who is a blatant liar (in other words, a typical Democrat.)  We also have a media that will publish things that are clearly false so long as they make the GOP sound sneaky or mean.


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