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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Poor Mika

Pity poor Mika Brezhinski (or however you spell it).  President Trump tweeted something nasty about her this morning when he mentioned that she and her co-host on Morning Joe were at Mar-a-Lago over New Year's Eve and Mika was still bleeding from a face lift.  Isn't it horrible that the President would say such a thing about her.  He also called her "crazy".

The tweet has been condemned by a bunch of politicians in DC as unpresidential.

No one, however, seems to say anything when Mika calls the President "unbalanced", "mentally ill", "narcissistic", an "idiot" or "deranged".  Nor has anyone explained why it is ok for a host of a little-watched news show to hurl insults at the President but horrifying for him to respond.

One thing is certain.  Mika is not a victim.  She is, rather, a major spouter of hatred every day on TV.  There is no excuse for her daily performance. 

I don't blame the President for responding in kind to her attacks.  I doubt that many people do. 

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